Weekend Birthday Pics

Yesterday we celebrated Enzo’s birthday by going to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  He is obsessed with alligators now and refers to everything as a “baby alligator.”   

 photo IMG_9452.jpg photo IMG_9434.jpg
 photo IMG_9439.jpg
Brave Girl :)

 photo IMG_9409.jpg
Thanks Papa S and Nana for my train table
 photo IMG_9421.jpg
 photo IMG_9485.jpg
After the kids went to bed Brian and I played a few competitive rounds of bowling

 photo IMG_9462.jpg photo IMG_9465.jpg photo IMG_9473.jpg  photo IMG_9424.jpg
 photo EB730BF7-B90D-4719-9D7C-BF4666AD6AF5.jpg
Thanks Papa D and Beth for my Harley
 photo D9E259F0-74F8-4821-812F-A747D0BBF426.jpg photo 8F297468-D99B-4A0F-BCC9-88E5ADB07F38.jpg photo IMG_9478.jpg

Our Breezy Beach Life

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