Friday when we picked up Enzo from daycare Ms. Tracie informed us that his lips had a white film on them.  Once we checked in his mouth you could see the thrush all over-cheeks, tongue, back of the throat.  The mouth sores look like curdled milk.  After we picked up Addison from school we took Enzo to the pediatric urgent care.  Once there they confirmed he had thrush caused by the antibiotic he just got off of for his ear infection.  I told the Dr that he was still pulling at his ear so the Dr checked and his ear was still infected.  The 1st round of antibiotics didn’t work and his ear infection had worsened.  

The medicine for his thrush is to be given 4 times a day and swabbed throughout his mouth.  The antibiotic for his ear infection can’t be started until today because more than likely it will cause the thrush to worsen.  Poor Enzo, I feel like he’s been sick more than he’s been healthy.

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