The “Dizzy” Dilemma

A couple weeks ago the kids and I all got a stomach virus.  A few days later I started feeling really dizzy.  Much to my co-workers dismay I’m not pregnant.  The dizziness lasted several days.  I thought that my iron levels were low.  Back in November when I got my blood work done the Dr ordered another set of tests for my anemia and since the November blood draw was so traumatic (5 vials after fasting and my phobia of needles made for a horrible experience)I didn’t go back for the additional testing.  So I called my Doctor last week and ask if the order for blood work was still valid 6 months later.  They said yes and I was off to the lab.   

Last Friday I had a hair appt and I was telling my stylist about it.  The dizziness is giving me horrible anxiety because nothing feels stable and I constantly feel not grounded.  It’s not fun feeling like you are going to pass out all the time.  I told her I thought it was my anemia.  She asked if I had been in the pool and I said yes every weekend.  She thought I may have water in my ears and stated as a child her Dad always put rubbing alcohol in their ears to draw the water out.  She asked if I minded if she did it to my ears.  I was desperate at this point and said sure.  While the alcohol was in my ears my vision was going crazy.  After she was done and I was sitting up water started draining from both ears.  I sat there for a moment in disbelief as I was no longer dizzy.  What a relief!  I called Brian and my Mom to tell them that the dizziness was finally gone. 

A day and a half later the dizziness returned.   I kept calling my Doctor to see if I could get an earlier appt but they were booked. By Tuesday morning I couldn’t take it anymore.  I decided that I would go to urgent care.  On my way to the urgent care I made a phone call to my Doctor and luckily they had a cancellation.  When I arrived she said my blood work from the iron tests showed that it was low but normal low and nothing that would lead to 24/7 dizziness.  I always am on the low end when it comes to blood pressure but due to the anxiety that is accompanying my dizziness my blood pressure was 150/91.  They did my blood pressure 3 different ways – sitting, laying and standing.  

The Doctor stated she isn’t quite sure what is causing the dizziness.  She ordered more blood work and stated that it could be BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  She did a couple tests in the office but wasn’t sure if I was showing signs of that.  She said the left ear was irritated but didn’t look infected.  So she’s treating me for inner ear infection with 2000mg of antibiotic daily and I have to go back on Tuesday.  If I’m still dizzy on Tuesday she will refer me to an ENT Doctor as well as two sessions with a PT to treat for BPPV.  The blood work should be to her by Friday so maybe that will yield some more answers. 

So I’ve missed two days of work this week because of this and today I’m off work because Addison has a dentist appt.  

Big thanks to my parents who have helped out tremendously.  They’ve picked up the kids, ran errands, made dinner, sat with me at my appointments.  Don’t know what I’d do without them. 

I hope to get some relief soon.  

UPDATE: I called around this morning to 5 different ENT’s.  They are all booked until August.  I can’t go until August feeling like this.  I did eventually find an ENT in town that will squeeze me in this afternoon.  The only bad thing is that they don’t accept my insurance.  At this point I’m willing to pay out of pocket in order to find out the cause of this.  Wish me luck!

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