20 Year Class Reunion

I was the chairperson for my 20 year class reunion.  The planner in me absolutely loved putting a fun weekend together for my classmates.  I had a great committee of classmates working with me and together we pulled off a fun weekend of events.  Events included a Friday night get together at a bar in Lincoln, Saturday morning golf, school tour, bonfire, hayride and a family picnic on Sunday in the park.  It was great seeing everyone and catching up.

20 out of 38 showed up for the Saturday evening catered dinner and bonfire

Saturday afternoon school tour

Friday Night

Friday Night get together

Model A John Deere to pull the hayrack


Holz and his wife Holly

Becky and Rossitto at golf on Saturday morning

Nathan and I were the Friday Night Party Planners

Our Breezy Beach Life

Welcome 2016 and the Upcoming Hatteras Windsurfing Year!

Its been quite a while since the last blog post.  Basically the last one was the follow-up to the 2015 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam which was a huge success with excellent contest conditions.  The event week was marred late by rain and some extreme weather for vacating participants; however, the first half of the week saw building surf, a mix of sun and rain, and fun times for all who participated.  I was fortunate to score a 3rd place trophy in Ams and 7th in Pros!

1st place finisher Casey T sending the spray my way!

Following Wave Jam, we experienced an excellent Fall season with warm weather and water extending much later than usual.  I fondly remember a “trunks only” surf session a few days before Thanksgiving in Nags Head!  There were also a number of Sealion days and a few standard kit sessions peppered throughout the final days of 2015 with only a 3/2 wetsuit and no cap, booties, or gloves required!  The crew in Hatteras caught may great sessions, and though I missed most due to work/life commitments, I was able to catch what I could here in Nags Head, along with a few trips south of Oregon Inlet bridge.

Now we are into the new year and looking forward to the upcoming Hatteras Spring, Summer, and Fall windsurfing/wavesailing seasons!  March is only a few days away and already we are starting the warm windy transitional weather patterns which usher in those 70+ deg, 25+mph S wind days near weekly.  

Its that time of year to get pumped up for the season, and daydream about the warm windy sessions to come in May/June!  Of course, the annual migration from our northern windsurfing friends will begin soon with late March/April seeing the everyone filling the the village of Avon.

Looking forward to the upcoming season and more great windy, wavy sessions ahead!

Stoked for windsurfing!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Happy New Year

  Good morning beach cottage lovelies, how are you?! I hope you had a fabulous festive break and New Year. I have had some much needed time off from everything, first of all I had planned some time off from blogging but it actually turned out that the last 10 days or so have been [...]

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A New Year, A New Sealion. Introducing the 8’3″

AHD has introduced a new SeaLion to its lineup called the 8’3.”  This new lion has been coined the “pro” version of the XL offering a thinner rail line and slightly wider shape.  From experience on the Pro, the thinner rail definitely helps with better control on the wave by reducing the bounce and offering a looser more responsive feel in the water.  The 8’3″ will likely work well for those riders interested in the XL yet may want something a little more aggressive for activity in the surf or even Classic riders looking for something extra yet loose. 

Here in Hatteras, this model should work quite well for summer conditions during our light air side-off days with small to moderate surf size.  May work well in bigger stuff too?!

All in all, its great to see more choice for the SeaLion fleet and I know that I am looking forward to another excellent Hatteras summer season of waves and light wind, catching it on the Sealion.  For me, its the Pro!

In local windsurfing news, its been relatively mild here and there has been plenty of winter wave action southside from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to Hatteras Village.  Rt 12 at Mirlo is now open and access south is good to go!  Forecast right now looks like “balmy” winter warmth with mid-60 degree air temps though the foreseeable future!  I have not been on the water for quite some time, but likely the Sealion will be reintroduced for 2013 to the Atlantic off Nags Head over the coming days.  A little S wind to fill the sail, and I will be good to go!  Down south, Wind-NC Andy has been hitting it regularly along with some of the local kite crew who did not jet off to some tropical destination.
Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Happy New Year from A Beach Cottage Blog!

    Happy New Year Beach Cottage Lovelies! Here’s to 2013! It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it in the water. The time between Christmas and New Year has been so nice for me this year…I was determined to hang out and only to do things I really wanted to do…there was [...]
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