Perfect OBX Labor Day Weekend – Sun, Small Surf, and Some Wind!

If you were here on vacation or simply made it out to the beach, it was a perfect long weekend for time on the sand and in the surf.  Conditions were small, but fun with a solid waist high wave on the main bars breaking across all tides at choice spots.  Southerly winds ramped up each afternoon providing fun side to side-off conditions for WindSUP action in the surf zone.

I caught it each afternoon on the Sealion, and the spot of choice was Loggerhead St in Nags Head where a nice outside sandbar produced breaking surf at all tides.  It did get quite shallow at low tide, even for the short Sealion fins, but it was not much of a problem.  Water temps were perfect for trunks only.  Only catch was the number of people in the water within the surf zone swimming, surfing, SUPing, and boogie boarding.  No worries though as all are out to have a good time, and with myself the only one holding a sail in hand, I simply had to keep a keen eye where people were and judge a given DTL run accordingly.  I had to pass on a few waves due to folks in the zone/path, but that was ok.  I enjoyed seeing many out having a FUN time and enjoying likely their last tastes of summer.
Bill’s OBX Beach Life

More N Wind FUN at Rmp 44 and Introducing the MauiSails 2013 Legend!

Rmp 44 continues to be the hot spot for N to NNE wind with side shore conditions and nice swell/lineup! See the latest action!
photographer: Keith McCulloch
riders: Andy M, Bill B, Martin (killing it!), and Ken A

Fresh new 2013 MauiSails Legend rigged and ready for action!

 and a shot in action!

Interested in the 2012 Legend?!  I will have a 5.3m and 4.5m for sale at killer pricing!  Stay tuned for upcoming post.

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

What a Finale to the Leslie Swell and Week of S Wind!

Saturday was the final icing on an extremely tasty cake of wave sailing FUN last week as H/TS Leslie pitched long period SE swell to our beaches.  SSW wind on Saturday ramped into the mid/upper 20s mph and provided perfect Hatteras world class wavesailing conditions!  The magic spot was at the Washout located 2 miles south of Oregon Inlet.  Most of the local wave crew was there along with a number of visiting sailors here early for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  What a final primer for the event and the best wave sesh yet this year!

Here are a few select photos:
photographer:  Keith McCulloch

Additionally, Sam F sent in this sweet onboard pic SUPing the SeaLion at the Cove Sunday, Sept 9!

Also, the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam STARTS this week!!
Wind forecast is moderate, and surf should be quite FUN!  NE/ENE will be the wind direction so event will happen at Ramp 55 at the Hatteras Ferry Docks.

Bill’s OBX Beach Life