County Fair 2014 – Pics and Video

The nice thing about having the kids close in age is that they had fun riding the rides together…expect when Addison saw some of her classmates(boys) from school she ditched Enzo to ride with the boys. Thankfully Enzo didn’t mind riding by himself but Brian was rolling his eyes…lol!! 

Brian took both kids down the slide

Our Breezy Beach Life

Summer Time OBX and a Nice Sealion Promo Video

We are only a few days away from “official” summer time.  June has been an excellent month so far for strong SSW winds near daily and follow though NE.  Surf has been small to moderate depending on where you are at on the islands, yet overall it has been an excellent late spring season here.  As we roll towards the heart of summer, the typical pattern usually includes light S/SSW afternoon sea breezes and continued small to moderate sized surf.  Basically the perfect setup for side off light air wavesailing!  The AHD Sealion is one of/if not the dominant option for aggressive wave riding style and activity.  Below is an excellent promo video showing the Sealion in action in conditions typical to what we will see here this summer!  Notice how it rides similar to a standard kit, though with about 20mph less wind!  :)
All in all, if interested in the Sealion, contact me via the upper left Sealion Rep box for more info, or to try one out!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

6 Days in Hatteras Video!

ReefWarrior, Casey Treichler put together this excellent wave sailing video from his recent Hatteras visit and specifically catching it at the Friso Pier last week (see previous post). All in all, very nice, even if I did not make the cut from the day I was down there. Guess I should have stayed out when conditions improved just after derigging my sail that day! :)
Bill’s OBX Beach Life