Valentine’s Weekend ~ 2015

Brian surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a trip to Sweet Pete’s Candy for dinner and sweets.  Sweet Pete’s was featured on the TV show “The Profit.”  They have two levels of candy, a dessert bar, chocolate factory tours and more.  

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The kids got a special delivery from Edible Arrangements – Thanks Papa D and Beth!

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  Nana and Papa made cupcakes with the kids Saturday night while Brian and I were out.

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On Sunday we met Nana and Papa at the park for a walk.

 photo 1C4AA54C-D037-4992-AF32-9E7CB2FCE99C.jpg

Papa and Addison took turns trying to stuff leaves in each other’s jackets :)

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Our Breezy Beach Life

Making Valentine’s – 2013

Saturday we made Valentines for Addison’s classmates.  I found the FREE printable on Pinterest and decided to do a candy-free card this year.  The hardest part was using an exacto knife on all 20 cards to cut the feet for the bubbles.  Addison was interested during the first 3 cards, then after that all she wanted to do was blow bubbles.  The mini bubble tubes are from Target.  Can I just say that I LOVE Target.  I found so many items in the Valentines section that I will be using for party favor bags for Addison’s birthday party in April (I’m a planner, so yes I thinking that far ahead already). 

See that adorable boy outfit…yes, she’s obsessed with wearing Enzo’s clothes.  :-)
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Our Breezy Beach Life