January Updates

First, an update on my Meniere’s Disease.  I still experience dizziness everyday but hadn’t had a full blown vertigo attack in almost 7 months until a few weeks ago when I had 5 vertigo attacks in 3 days.  The disease just wanted to remind me that it’s here to stay J Since then I’ve been experiencing more dizziness than before.  The good days are great and the bad days are horrible.  It’s been a rough few weeks but I’m trying to push through. 
I have eliminated all processed foods from my diet, eating low sodium, gluten free and 95% organic.  I’m trying to do grain free but that takes a little more work and food prep/planning.  I’ve lost over 15lbs. just in diet alone.  I’m also using essential oils.  Brian jokingly refers to me as his “hippie” wife.  Since using essential oils we haven’t been to the doctor since November.  If you are familiar with this blog you will remember how many times I’ve posted about the kids being sick, doctors appointments, etc.  Essential oils have been so helpful.  Addison used to have Molluscum for over 2 years and after 3 applications of Lavender it is gone and hasn’t returned.  Enzo has it and his is taking a little longer to treat but after 5 applications he only has 4 dots left. 
My work has temporarily allowed me to work from home full time.  In a couple months I will be back onsite three days a week and work from home 2 days a week.
The kids are doing well.  Addison really is a different kid since she had her tonsils removed.  She still has her sass but her behavior has done a 360.  She is enjoying gymnastics.  She did cheer this year but didn’t like it so we know not to enroll her next year.  She has decided this year for her birthday that she doesn’t want a party with friends and instead wants to go to Disney.  Looking forward to that.  She really wants a cat…to the point of begging on a regular basis.  I told her that as long as we have Gizmo we probably won’t get one…Brian would rather get her a rabbit. 
Enzo is doing good.  Some days we see that 3 year old independence rear it’s head but for the most part he is such a sweet soul.  He is obsessed with sports and loves to watch bull riding on the iPad.  He always says “I want to watch Angry Bulls.”  Thankfully the PBR is coming to our area soon so Brian promised him that we would go.  He loves horses as well and asks every weekend if we can go to a farm to ride.  He is excited for the Super Bowl tonight and loves the Patriots like Daddy.  Thanks to Papa D and Beth for sending him a Patriots jersey.  He wears it often :)

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October Updates

Hello All!
Whew…it’s been a busy month.  We are still here just wrapped up in life.  
First things first – Addison has had 3 back to back strep throats which means that surgery is a go.  I’m currently home with her today.  She just finished an antibiotic on Sunday (from her previous strep throat that she got one week after finished her last prescription) and woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat.  Her tonsils are inflamed.  We have a doctor appt this afternoon with her family doctor and consulted with her ENT this morning.  We are awaiting a callback from the ENT’s nurse to schedule her surgery.  We are nervous.  As parents I think the hardest part is the risk of surgery and anesthesia.  We are praying that all goes smoothly.  At this point it’s about giving her a good quality of life and removing her tonsils that are a grade 4+ for anyone that is familiar with the tonsil grading.  She sleeps restlessly and had some behavior issues early on this school year that we believe was due to lack of quality sleep and being sick.  Since she’s been on meds and treating the tonsillitis her behavior has dramatically improved and she’s coming home from school with good behavior reports.  

Secondly, Enzo is doing good.  Growing up so quickly.  Next month he will be 3 already and showing us some of “3’s” behavior we remember so well from Addison.  He loves being outdoors.  You cannot keep this kid in the house.  He loves sports and throwing the football in the yard with Daddy.  Whenever football comes on TV he says “Mommy look – Tackle Tackle.”
Lastly, an update on my Meniere’s.  I’m seeing improvements from the upper cervical chiropractic.  My chiro doctor is awesome.  In addition to being a chiro she is also a professor at a well known chiropractic college.  As soon as we get a symptom eliminated she is onto researching some of the lingering issues.  Just this week I met with her and she talked about TMJ.  She is spending time outside of my appointments researching symptoms to get to the bottom of my issues.  Brian is skeptical of everything but I told him that my dentist had mentioned to me that my jaw opens to one side which can cause – dizziness, vertigo, ear aches, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.  She is now focusing on that to eliminate the last irritating symptom that is not so fast to disappear.  Due to my improvements my appointments with her are now once every three weeks as opposed to twice a week.  I’m still taking the John’s of Ohio Menieres supplements and eating a low sodium diet.  I’ve also been eating lots of organic foods and some gluten free foods.  I feel more energetic and have lost some weight so that is the only plus to having this annoying disease.
I recently had a job change at work.  Still the same company I’ve been with for over 10 years but a better opportunity and more room for growth.  One of the perks is that I get to work from home one day a week!  

My other blog about local family fun is doing tremendously well.  Just this week I was asked to be on a radio show to talk about the website.  Details are in the works. 

Brian and I were able to sneak another date night in last week thanks to my parents watching the kids.  We saw Garth Brooks in concert and it was amazing.  We’ve also been visiting several pumpkin patches in the area with the kids on the weekends.  It’s still been in the 80‘s so hard to imagine this is fall :)   We’ve been taking lots of pics but I have had no time to post any pictures. 
This weekend my brother is coming to visit and I’m really looking forward to seeing him.
Off to another doctor appointment.  Hope everyone is doing well!    

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Photo Updates: May/June 2014

Picking out Mother’s Day plants for Nana

Date night at the Jacksonville Suns baseball game.  Brian got sky box suite tickets.

After the date night baseball game we went bowling.  The first time we have ever bowled together.  I beat him all three games :)


Her favorite playground

Bike Rodeo…the kids made it in the local newspaper for being at this event

Bird Nest at my parent’s house

Shrimp Lover

Addy and Elly (My twin nieces)

Highlight of her year…meeting Anna and Elsa

My parents and I took the kids to a “Feel The Wheels” event in St. Augustine

Helping Daddy pick out paint colors

She said “Look Mommy – They have spaceships here”

Addison advanced to the next age group in gymnastics this week

Last weekend the people fishing next to us caught this 3 ft. shark.  It was the second one they caught that day

Spent Father’s Day at the beach

Lovin’ Enzo’s new shark booties

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Photo Updates – March 2014

 photo E8FD5C29-1811-4CE4-8209-2D6234B4CAA9.jpg
Local Elementary School musical that Mom, Addison and I went to see last week
 photo F5963497-19AE-4C10-A222-5EE02A832AA4.jpg
 photo CFFCC327-EDAD-4420-932A-CC365D8F7E5D.jpg
 photo EC428EB9-8DA3-48E4-AD4E-C00ACB2A42C3.jpg
Restaurant with a playground at the airport…love this place!
 photo 32AF16DA-C95D-4FA9-8B50-6B7545C2B22A.jpg
She loves shrimp
 photo E69A3490-45AE-47D4-8013-D6C2F753DF54.jpg
 photo FF6B5D3B-ECDB-47B9-8B60-CADB533301C8.jpg
I asked her to get dressed Saturday morning and this is what she picked out :)
 photo EF456080-A407-4940-AB24-232B3EAF0325.jpg
Found a playground with a carousel!!  Our new favorite park!
 photo 670BA6BF-C7E8-454F-8AEC-13E262C4013E.jpg

 photo C21390C4-1DAD-4227-98E8-FA7D5CD17031.jpg

 photo CEA27120-FCAF-4438-BA45-19167FAE3330.jpg
Annual St. Patrick’s Day Crockpot dinner
 photo 322593C2-1C7A-413C-9F12-A03AB46F1815.jpg
 photo DF8A63C9-72A6-4A4E-9526-1DE6778D2D85.jpg
 photo 53FAC042-C700-4D43-BE75-BD020DFD0E3B.jpg
 photo 44C605B7-AA29-43E0-8319-9EED4DB46C7B.jpg
Sunday picnic by the river with Nana and Papa

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Weekend Updates

When it rains it pours and this weekend was exactly that!  Friday I received a call from school stating Enzo had a fever.  I picked up the kids and off to the Doctor we went.  They swabbed him for the flu and strep and both were negative.  They concluded that he had bronchitis and would need 10 days of antibiotics.  Friday night he was up off and on all night due to the fever spiking and him not feeling well.  His fever continued until Sunday afternoon.  

Saturday evening my parents kept the kids overnight as Brian and I had his work Christmas party.  We had a great time at the party but little did we know while we were at the party there was a tornado in our city and the path of the tornado was eerily close to us.  Luckily we suffered no damage.

Sunday we picked the kids up from my parent’s house then headed home.  Once home both kids seemed fine and we spent the afternoon outside playing.  Around dinnertime Addison started to say she wasn’t feeling well.  I checked her temperature and she had a fever.  We gave her some ibuprofen and off to bed she went. 
 photo 6D1EE79E-1990-4FAD-A858-42664AE5B3AC.jpg

The toddler bed that neither child uses got lots of use this weekend.  We decided to move it into our bedroom so we could monitor the kids while they were sick.  Enzo used it Friday evening, then Sunday night Addison slept there and was up every 2 hours vomiting.  I was convinced it was the flu as she had chills and a high fever.

I took her to the Doctor this morning and she threw up twice in the waiting area then three times in the exam room.  We ended up staying there for a little over two hours.  The Doctor swabbed her for the flu but it was negative.  Then she looked at her throat (back story – she just ended antibiotic a week ago for strep) and her tonsils were bloody, swollen and have an ulcer on them.  The Doctor was concerned about dehydration from her vomiting over 10 times in the last 12 hours so they gave her some liquid Zofran…she threw it up within seconds.  The Doctor then called the Senior Doctor at their other location to consult about next steps.  They decided to give her an injection of Zofran and if she throws up within 2 hours of the injection that we are to go to the hospital.  She slept almost the entire time we were there.  We waited in the exam room for 45 minutes after the shot to ensure she wouldn’t be sick again.  They gave her some Motrin since she’s had a fever for over 12 hours that was untreated due to the fact that she wouldn’t keep anything down. 

The conclusion is that they believe her strep is back and the first round of antibiotics didn’t work.  They didn’t swab her for strep since her tonsils were bloody and she has an ulcer on them.  They said they would give her antibiotics either way so they didn’t want to irritate her throat even more.  We are to take her back tomorrow morning for a re-evaluation to determine if it is strep or adenovirus.  They want to ensure her condition doesn’t worsen and they also want to monitor the swelling and size of the ulcer on her tonsils.  I’m certain 2014 will be the year she will have her tonsils removed.  As much as we don’t want her to undergo surgery, it’s so heartbreaking to see her so sick.  She’s been lethargic and pale…our poor baby!  
The Motrin finally kicked in from the Doctor’s office so she’s napping peacefully now.  Praying she gets well soon!

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Updates on my New Venture

At the beginning of the year I blogged about my newest venture.  I’m happy to report that 6 months later things are going really well.  Just this week the site was featured as one of the best family event blogs in Florida!!  I have leaders in the community contacting me with information to share with families and have been building important relationships within our community.  I can’t wait for this venture to continue on to bigger things! 

The lady who wrote the article about the site is the co-founder of Hatchedit.com and a contributing editor for Forbes.

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Photo Source

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