Top Short List OBX Surf Breaks Summer 2016

Happy 4th July!

The OBX summer months are prime for fun surf and friendly conditions for all age/skill ranges.  As the shoreline is all sand, our best breaks vary year to year, and when the ocean is quite active, even week to week.  Though during the summer months, the surf is usually tame and consistent with established sandbars found across the islands providing the best spots for a little wave break outside and incoming whitewater lines.  This year’s standout, at least in town, is a range of bars north of the Nags Head Fishing Pier.  A key real-time view of the break is on Surfline’s Abalone Street surf cam.  The cam looks south to the Nags Head pier, and even an untrained eye can spot the area where the best surf is breaking.  I am sure there are other hot spots on the OBX this summer, but this area which is covered by the surf cam is quite a nice area for breaking surf when all other areas are too deep/flat for a ride.  Bonus too is the area is covered by real time cam for checking anytime during the day!

If you know of any other good spots this year on the OBX, post on the comments.  I am curious if there are any good sandbars at the ramps between Waves and Avon?!
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Rare Summer Time Nags Head Wave Sesh!

Yesterday, wind and surf aligned to provide some really FUN conditions in Nags Head town proper!  I was out at Conch Street across from Jockeys Ridge and conditions were solid 17-20+ mph SSE wind and a nice SE swell providing chest + outside surf!  I rode both kits including the 92 Twin as well as the Sealion Pro.  Sail throughout the day was the 5.1m Maui Sails Mutant.  On the Twin, the wind primarily was on the light side, but for about an hour I was well juiced even for a few rare Nags Head loops!  Swell was perfect for easy pickup on the outside, and the energy always was enough to plane upswell and into the surf zone!

Late day as wind shifted true S and decreased, I switched to the Sealion and remained out there riding wave after wave.  A full 6 hours of wavesailing and at the end, I did not want to stop, but was simply too spent with a tired body and sore hands.  Given the rare Nags Head wave sesh (surprisingly with nice sized surf!), it was hard to give it up to end the day!

I was solo out there other than a few surfers who paddled out.  Inside current was strong so many did not stay out long as they drifted north towards Nags Head Pier.  On the windsurfing kit though, I was able to remain out most of the time.  Did have to do a number of up wind walks but that was mainly due to the long DTL rides connecting 5+ turns!

All in all, an excellent session and I wish they were not so rare for Nags Head?!

No images, but if you happened to view the Nags Head Pier Cam yesterday afternoon, you likely saw the sail in the zone when the cam pointed south!

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Summer Pics

While dealing with all my health issues, life still goes on as normal.  Some pics from the last six weeks.
Tire swing fun at a friend’s house

Partners in crime

We’ve been golfing a lot lately.  It feels good to be back on the course.
Physical Therapy
Reading to her students
My Mom and I took Addison to a Sleeping Beauty play
My first cousin and her family visiting from Nebraska
Co-worker’s wedding
Co-workers/Friends at wedding
My quest to eat healthier and less sodium – Avocado Egg Salad with no mayo

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A Beach Cottage Summer Party on the Deck

G’day beach cottage friends! We had a little beach cottage celebration over the weekend, it was lovey and went quite well I think – I never had a single birthday party when I was a young girl so I’m making up for it now…being slap bang in the middle of Summer here it was all [...]

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A Summer deck table

Morning from Sydney and a little deck table from early yesterday evening when we had sunshine after a few days of rain….taking a break from all things Christmas and Love Your Christmas Home but I’ll be back later with Day 7, no it’s not the cleaning post, not yet ;-) We’ve had major downfalls Down [...]

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Classic Hatteras Summer Bermuda High

A classic Hatteras Bermuda High is set to lock into place this week for the islands.  This means constant SSW afternoon wind likely above 25 mph for the duration!  Though, heck the entire month of June basically experienced 25+ mph wind near daily!  At least with this forecast, the trend looks to continue into July.  Now we just need some Atlantic activity (far out away from any land) to stir up some long period swell to complement the wind forecast!?!  Ahhh, Hatteras “secret season” is ON!
Had to post this quote from the forum for the weekend warriors out there!
…I may have to cash in my marital good boy behavior savings account and make the trip.  Lets see . . . Been taking out the trash, gave wife card and flowers for birthday, didn’t complain about the over cook fish . . . yep should be good….“   Classic!  : )

PS:  Scored a fun two sesh Sealion circus at Conch St in Nags Head yesterday!  Waist high mid bar waves and perfect wind speed/direction.  Trunks, a t-shirt, 4.5m sail, Sealion Pro… what better summer Hatteras combo?!
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Summer Time OBX and a Nice Sealion Promo Video

We are only a few days away from “official” summer time.  June has been an excellent month so far for strong SSW winds near daily and follow though NE.  Surf has been small to moderate depending on where you are at on the islands, yet overall it has been an excellent late spring season here.  As we roll towards the heart of summer, the typical pattern usually includes light S/SSW afternoon sea breezes and continued small to moderate sized surf.  Basically the perfect setup for side off light air wavesailing!  The AHD Sealion is one of/if not the dominant option for aggressive wave riding style and activity.  Below is an excellent promo video showing the Sealion in action in conditions typical to what we will see here this summer!  Notice how it rides similar to a standard kit, though with about 20mph less wind!  :)
All in all, if interested in the Sealion, contact me via the upper left Sealion Rep box for more info, or to try one out!

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Beach cottage coastal summer house makeover

Well good morning Beach Cottage Beautifuls, here we are in Sydney broadcasting loud and clear today with a shop-the-house, forty-is-the-new-thirty shed gone coastal Summer House makeover. So, let us start with a before Here’s what it looked like after we painted it white (it was electric blue)  and as the work was beginning (you can [...]

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