Addison’s First Soccer Practice

Addison had her first soccer practice this weekend. During practice she kept running to the stands where we were sitting. She was on a team with older kids therefore she didn’t know anyone on her team. We were hoping she would be on the same team as her best friends but unfortunately they were assigned to different teams. At the end she said she didn’t like soccer and next time she goes she’ll just sit and watch. She was nervous the whole time biting her nails and looking to make sure we were still there. She doesn’t do these things at gymnastics so I truly believe she doesn’t like the sport. We are going to take her to one more practice just to make sure and if she doesn’t want to play we aren’t going to force it. She wants to do cheer and that will start this fall so two sports for her at this age is plenty. The pictures below are her with her two best friends from school.

Our Breezy Beach Life

Picture Day Practice

Addison is beyond excited for picture day at school today.  So much so that she decided to wake up at 5am.  She said “Mommy, do I get to wear my sparkly dress today.  I’m going to take a picture.”  After getting dressed she practiced her smiling.  What else is there to do at 6:30a in the morning besides a mini photo session with the cell :-) 


Our Breezy Beach Life