Addison’s First Play

Last Saturday (while Brian worked and Dad watched Enzo), Mom and I took Addison to her first play.  I remember going to plays all the time when my brother and I were little and how much I enjoyed them.  This weekend we took her to see Captain Hook’s Revenge.  The cast were all kids ages 5 through teen.  It was a cute play, lots of songs, jokes, etc.  She sat on my lap the entire time in complete fascination of the play.  As soon as it was over she asked “Can we watch it again?”  After the performance we went on stage where she got to meet the cast, take photos and get autographs.  A fun day!

 photo 08FDA840-4246-4D52-953C-CC528E93D402-11095-00000C36BAC5EDDF.jpg
The mermaids
 photo 46C25FC6-309B-4005-B4DE-543C5478213E-11095-00000C36CDD14B4B.jpg
 photo 4D43077A-E7D4-4B2B-9348-5731E649C6A1-11095-00000C36E5D54A9D.jpg
Captain Hook’s Revenge
 photo 6B154467-433D-4E7C-B12E-67A303EC281E-11095-00000C36DECC9BD4.jpg
Waiting for the show to start
 photo 8A25779A-19ED-44EC-9C12-3A0D7EB09DD9-11095-00000C36C6D83EA9.jpg
Wendy – Great singer!
 photo E4594CB7-5006-481F-994E-6F76276F11AE-11095-00000C36EF69E8D2.jpg
A surprise visitor on the windshield on our drive to the playhouse

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