2013 Pictures with Santa

Yesterday Mom and I took the kids to the mall for their annual picture with Santa.  Both kids talked all the way there about seeing Santa but once we arrived they were shy and didn’t want to talk or even sit with Santa.  As you can see in the picture, Enzo wouldn’t smile.  He acted so smug and every time the photographer tried to get his attention he would nonchalantly turn his head to the side and act like he had better things to do then take a picture.  Little stinker! (Once again a blurry pic since I took a picture of a picture.)

Our Breezy Beach Life

A Beach Cottage Week in Pictures

  a week in pictures Beach Cottage style this week the beach & nature via that friend in my pocket my iPhone 5 See you soon, I have some amazing vintage treasure to show you from the weekend and I painted my bedroom floor today, wowzas!  post on the way Sarah p.s. thanks for all [...]

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Birthday month in pictures

My new love SUP

I just love the month of August, big yellow suns setting over the ocean, SUP sessions most mornings, festivals and huge beach events across the country and hey its my birthday month…..I’ve certainly enjoyed this hectic time.  So roll on September, I think I’m ready for you…. back to school, cozy evenings and a little more routine….summertime, all be it short, you brought a smile to my face, so until next time….puravida! x

Happiness in Barry- Vegas, so very Gavin & Stacey

Penarth Pier on a moody SUMMERS day?!

So many events, so many gorgeous sunsets!

Yes, that’s me in my element!

Be rude not to…..

The Beach Experience

My Blue Springs: A Love Story in Pictures

This was our third springs trip of the season; our first, to Blue Springs Park in Gilchrist County.  Everyone knows this is my favorite springs of all – so far.  I’ve been to many, and enjoyed most of them, but nothing compares to Blue.  It’s like my first springs-love; the one you never forget.  The one you remember for always with a special place in your heart.

There’s so much about this place that makes me happy, and I’m not the only one who loves it here.  Its natural beauty thrills me.  Its cool, clear waters invite me  every time.  Fins and mask in place, I dive deep over the vent, or swim down the spring run, through the underwater plant life where the freshwater fish live.  There’s life in that water, and some 24 million gallons of it burst forth from the aquifer every day.  Maybe more.  I know it’s a second-magnitude spring, which staggers me as I’d have thought it a first.  But whatever.  It’s a wonderful place to take the family as there’s something here for everyone.

Privately owned, well-kept in a rustic atmosphere, that’s what I love about this place. The sandy beach entrance.  The quarter mile boardwalk that follows the spring run to the Santa Fe River.  The canoes or kayaks you can rent if you want to head out and explore life along the river.  A few smaller springs on the property, my favorite being Naked Spring for its natural beauty and intimate feel.

The pictures tell the story here.

This little spring is called Naked Spring.  Backstory on Naked Spring is here. These pictures were taken from its small, floating dock. Most picturesque. Unfortunately, there was a guy standing on the dock when I approached. I lingered, hoping he’d leave, so I could enjoy just a few minutes there, alone with my camera.  No such luck.

Above, the quarter mile boardwalk that follows the spring run to the Santa Fe River.  Many times, I’ve swam in the run out to the river…and back. You need your fins for this as the current is definitely a challenge. Upside? You can stand up in the water if you’re tired!  It’s not deep.  I feel strong and invigorated when I make this swim.  Also, the water temp between the spring run and the river is markedly different.  You swim into the river and instantly it feels ten degrees warmer.  You hang out in the river for a while, swimming about and treading water (fins make it all so easy).  Then, you know you have to swim back.  It’s like someone’s turned the hot water off in your shower, the minute your body leaves the river and enters the spring run again.  Yowsa.  Keep moving, you’ll get used to it!

See how the current flows in the spring run?

Big Blue Springs: quiet.

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