Summer Pics

While dealing with all my health issues, life still goes on as normal.  Some pics from the last six weeks.
Tire swing fun at a friend’s house

Partners in crime

We’ve been golfing a lot lately.  It feels good to be back on the course.
Physical Therapy
Reading to her students
My Mom and I took Addison to a Sleeping Beauty play
My first cousin and her family visiting from Nebraska
Co-worker’s wedding
Co-workers/Friends at wedding
My quest to eat healthier and less sodium – Avocado Egg Salad with no mayo

Our Breezy Beach Life

County Fair 2014 – Pics and Video

The nice thing about having the kids close in age is that they had fun riding the rides together…expect when Addison saw some of her classmates(boys) from school she ditched Enzo to ride with the boys. Thankfully Enzo didn’t mind riding by himself but Brian was rolling his eyes…lol!! 

Brian took both kids down the slide

Our Breezy Beach Life

Weekend Birthday Pics

Yesterday we celebrated Enzo’s birthday by going to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  He is obsessed with alligators now and refers to everything as a “baby alligator.”   

 photo IMG_9452.jpg photo IMG_9434.jpg
 photo IMG_9439.jpg
Brave Girl :)

 photo IMG_9409.jpg
Thanks Papa S and Nana for my train table
 photo IMG_9421.jpg
 photo IMG_9485.jpg
After the kids went to bed Brian and I played a few competitive rounds of bowling

 photo IMG_9462.jpg photo IMG_9465.jpg photo IMG_9473.jpg  photo IMG_9424.jpg
 photo EB730BF7-B90D-4719-9D7C-BF4666AD6AF5.jpg
Thanks Papa D and Beth for my Harley
 photo D9E259F0-74F8-4821-812F-A747D0BBF426.jpg photo 8F297468-D99B-4A0F-BCC9-88E5ADB07F38.jpg photo IMG_9478.jpg

Our Breezy Beach Life