Top Short List OBX Surf Breaks Summer 2016

Happy 4th July!

The OBX summer months are prime for fun surf and friendly conditions for all age/skill ranges.  As the shoreline is all sand, our best breaks vary year to year, and when the ocean is quite active, even week to week.  Though during the summer months, the surf is usually tame and consistent with established sandbars found across the islands providing the best spots for a little wave break outside and incoming whitewater lines.  This year’s standout, at least in town, is a range of bars north of the Nags Head Fishing Pier.  A key real-time view of the break is on Surfline’s Abalone Street surf cam.  The cam looks south to the Nags Head pier, and even an untrained eye can spot the area where the best surf is breaking.  I am sure there are other hot spots on the OBX this summer, but this area which is covered by the surf cam is quite a nice area for breaking surf when all other areas are too deep/flat for a ride.  Bonus too is the area is covered by real time cam for checking anytime during the day!

If you know of any other good spots this year on the OBX, post on the comments.  I am curious if there are any good sandbars at the ramps between Waves and Avon?!
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Beach Cottage Reading List and the Mini iPad

  Good morning, talking books here today in Beach Cottage Land, as in books to read and how to read ‘em. I’ve always loved a good book, I don’t really care what it is, whether it is amazing literature or trashy stuff…and books were certainly an escape in my younger years… Somehow though over the [...]

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AWT 2012 Hatteras Wave Jam Rider List!

Check out this list of riders who will be here Sept 12 – 15 for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam! (as of Aug 27, 2012)
Celeb pros are highlighted with the top ranking riders colored in blue!  Gonna be the greatest gathering of high caliber international wavesailing talent ever on the US East Coast!

Definitely an event not to miss!

1     Jake Agoos
2     Mac Barnhardt
3    Royn Bartholdi
4    Fabrice Beaux
5     Bill Bell
6     Samantha Bittner
7    Scott Burnside
8     Graham Ezzy
9     Russell Faurot
10    Kathryn Fisher,
11    Sara Flowe
12    Chris Freeman
13    Camille Juban
14    Ken Keller
15    Peter Kimball
16    Ingrid Larouche
17    Chris Lowrie
18    George Markopoulos
19    Carl Martineau
20    Keith McCulloch
21    Andy McKinney
22    Nathan Mershon
23    Bryan Metcalf-Perez
24    Wyatt Miller
25     Morgan Noireaux
27    Donald Obst
28    Tyson Poor
29    Kevin Pritchard
30    Suzanne Rabauer
31    Jordan Reid
32    Bernd Roediger
33    Gordy Stokes
34    Ian Stokes
35    Miho Tanaka
36    Casey Treichler
37    Michael  Wazenski
38    Fiona Wylde
39    MacRae Wylde

Still on the fence?! Definitely get yourself signed up today to participate in the Jam, or be here to watch this gathering of high action dynamic windsurfing during our peak tropical surf and wind conditions! Oh yea, beautiful weather and water too!

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