Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Marine Science Center

Yesterday we spent the day with my parents being tourists.  We headed to Ponce Inlet for the day.  Our first stop was at the Marine Science Center which features a turtle hospital and bird rehabilitation.  Our next stop was to climb the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse which is the tallest lighthouse in Florida (175 feet tall – 203 steps to climb).  Afterwards we went to Inlet Harbor for dinner (the restaurant where Brian and I met).  They always have live music and by the end of dinner we were all out on the dance floor…kids included!   Make sure to check out the dancing videos below :)  

Our Breezy Beach Life

a beautiful beach cottage white lighthouse trip

oh hello beach cottage friends! ¬†How are you doing? Ahh… from when we were away, beautiful, beautiful Northern New South Wales. A quick trip to Byron Bay couldn’t really have gone much better….my gosh, blue skies, fresh fresh Spring air, a bright green hire car, no clouds, Australian sun, Asian salads on the beach, shell [...]

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Old Lighthouse Beach Fires, and AWT Santa Cruz Scores!!

Keith M sent in this pic shot at Old Lighthouse Beach yesterday, Sunday, May 6.  Clean head high+ surf, sunny skies, and strong NE wind provided the ingredients for a FUN sesh!  Too bad I missed it!  According to Keith though, everyone who was there has an awesome time!

A slideshow of the action at the Lighthouse! all photos: Keith McCulloch  In other windsurfing news, the AWT Santa Cruz Classic kicked off the Tour with and epic start!  Excellent conditions, and top caliber sailing set the stage for a world class wavesailing competition happening here in the USA!  Stay tuned for the Tour’s Sept stop in Cape Hatteras!  Check out this Tour video from Santa Cruz, simply excellent production and showcase of windsurfing’s finest!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

June Lighthouse Action!

June has kicked off with a string of NE days highlighted yesterday with strong conditions and nice surf down at Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach.  Some of the local windsurfing crew was on hand along with visiting kite pros for the Real Triple S Invitational.

Wind-NC’s Andy McKinney ripping at the House between new “Daddy duties” and running the shop! (all photos: Keith McCulloch)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

BIG Lighthouse!

Is it September?! 
Yesterday, the ocean churned up some mighty big swell from a coastal low located off New Jersey.  Normally, the first day of a NE wind stretch offers moderately sized surf at the Lighthouse ranging chest+ in size but rarely over 6 ft faces.  Yesterday however, the biggest set waves were in the 12+ ft range on Day One!  Actually, it was quite an awesome setup with excellent “sit down” windows for making it out if you did not fall.  Then pick up one of the sets and the ride though the wave zone was massive!
Keith McCulloch caught some excellent wave rides on long line mast high set waves that would have scored quite well in the upcoming AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  Charlie Myers was ripping and though not his usually “San Carlos” side, he was making it work earning the “Photo of the Day” award with a nice powered cutback aerial!

 The crew who was out was small as compared to other Day One Lighthouse sessions, but with the set wave size and challenging currents it was intimidating to look at from the beach!

Definitely, a rare setup for mid June, as this time of year we normally experience SW days and moderately sized surf.  Yesterday was a step into mid Sept and our Fall wave sailing season!
More photos from the sesh (photographer: Keith McCulloch)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life