New for 2016, the OBX Beach Life Calendar

Recent dialog on the OBX Beach Life Forum noted a need for a calendar to allow forum participants a way to inform others when they will be visiting to better coordinate gatherings and sailing sessions. Fortunately Google provides a solution that easily maps with other integrated components such as the forum or this blog. Still working out the kinks on the calendar; however, there are a few posts up from sailors who will be visiting the islands later this year. If you are interested in coordinating with fellow Hatteras bound windsurfers, the new OBX Beach Life Calendar is a great way to see when folks are planning a visit, and arrange similar windows of opportunity!  Note, you will need to be a member of the OBX Beach Life forum to post to the calendar. However, anyone can view!

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easy simple green smoothie recipe and real life

So, good morning lovely Beach Cottage ladies, and one man in the Netherlands, I hope you are good, I hope you are well, and if you are not, then get one of these easy simple green smoothies down your neck. It’s time for some real girl talk.  Strap yourselves in girlfriends, let’s get serious. Now, [...]

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Life Changing News…

I received life changing news this weekend. After 30 years of searching, I received a call this weekend that my birthmother has been located and is eager to begin a new relationship. I’m filled with many emotions as I start this new journey. Thanks to my family and incredibly supportive husband who always encouraged me to never stop looking.

More details to come…

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