What a Finale to the Leslie Swell and Week of S Wind!

Saturday was the final icing on an extremely tasty cake of wave sailing FUN last week as H/TS Leslie pitched long period SE swell to our beaches.  SSW wind on Saturday ramped into the mid/upper 20s mph and provided perfect Hatteras world class wavesailing conditions!  The magic spot was at the Washout located 2 miles south of Oregon Inlet.  Most of the local wave crew was there along with a number of visiting sailors here early for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  What a final primer for the event and the best wave sesh yet this year!

Here are a few select photos:
photographer:  Keith McCulloch

Additionally, Sam F sent in this sweet onboard pic SUPing the SeaLion at the Cove Sunday, Sept 9!

Also, the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam STARTS this week!!
Wind forecast is moderate, and surf should be quite FUN!  NE/ENE will be the wind direction so event will happen at Ramp 55 at the Hatteras Ferry Docks.

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Day Two Leslie Big Swell Action at Coquina Beach!

Day two of BIG H Leslie swell served up some nice set rides, this time at Coquina Beach just south of Nags Head.  The surf was a notch smaller than the day before, yet the set waves still provided nice overhead conditions in the zone.  SSW winds peaked into the mid-20s mph range offering a chance to take out the standard kits to ride in the surf!  Keith, Ralph, Sam, Ian, and I along with a another young visiting sailor who I did not catch his name, sailed Coquina in conditions a notch down from the legendary H Bill sesh of 2009.  It was quite good at Coquina yesterday, but as winds dropped though late afternoon and shifted true SW, it become more difficult to stay on the wave with the light air kits.  There were also some challenging middle bar closeouts that threw up the denial sign a few times for those in the wrong spot at the wrong time attempting to make it out.

Overall though, it was quite a fun session and one of the top wave riding days of the year!
Some select photos:

here is the slide show!
(photos:  Keith McCulloch)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Day Three Leslie Action, This Time… Cape Point!

The Hatteras wavesailing action continues this week!  I missed yesterday, but the local and visiting crew down south caught another awesome session, this time at the Point in Buxton! Riders included: Ken A, Sara F, Ralph M, Sam F, Ian S and Keith M

Wow, if we had Hatteras Wave Jam this week?!

Enough words, here are the pics!
photos:  Keith McCulloch and Ralph Moore

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Big Swell from Leslie Arrived for Some FUN Light Air Wavesailing!

We need a bigger lens!

H Leslie’s SE swell arrived yesterday creating large outside set waves.  The conditions were perfect for light air wavesailing with big gentle rides on the outside.  Ralph, Keith, and I caught it in Nags Head at Conch St across from Brew Thru Jr near Jockey’s Ridge.  The setup had the best surf conditions on the islands with super clean “Disneyland” style surf!

The inside was tough with moderate current near zero apparent wind inside, but with some timing and a little luck, you could sneak out between the sets.

Today, we expect a repeat of yesterday with hopefully more wind.  If we can top 20mph+ from the SSW at Coquina Beach, it could be really epic/world class Maui-time wavesailing on the OBX!

stay tuned!

Here are some shots from yesterday.  As Keith noted, a bigger lens is needed to catch those outside rides! (Photos: Sam F shooting with Keith’s camera)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life