Phone Fun Friday ~ June 2015

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any cell phone pics.  Here are a few of our summer adventures.

Enzo at his friend’s house
Mr. Personality
Trying to get Addison’s attention by laying in her doll house…she was not amused :)
Addison at a friend’s house
Nana and Papa brought Nebraska gear back from their trip home
Practicing golf with Daddy
PAWS to Read at the Library
Summer Fun
Nature Walk
She’ll never be too big for Daddy’s arms 

Our Breezy Beach Life

A Windy and Wavy Wrap for June!

We wrapped June with an excellent weekend of windy and wavy weather!  There were thunder boomers around, but overall the hot spots came though with excellent conditions and a really fun setup of summer time Hatteras wavesailing!  Ego Beach, Ramp 44, Pea Island (ranger station), all saw action throughout the weekend.  It was great to see a host of visitors out for the action as well with Friday showing numbers at Ego on the water not seen in years!  Reminded me of the “old days” when Ego was the premier wave spot.

All in all, for those here to catch it, everyone had a really fun time.  For those who missed it, well… I am sure we will see another round as summer rolls on. 

See Friday and Sat action in the photo gallery above.  Photos:  Keith M and Andy M.
Bill’s OBX Beach Life

What a Month for Windy Warmth, June is a Major Score for 2013!

Wow, its simply been windy every day on the OBX this June! Somewhere on the islands, daily, IWS meters break the 20mph barrier and usually ramp well above 25mph! Coupled with warmth in the air and water, its trunks only and fun riding all sorts of kits from high wind 3.7m to 5.5m moderate along with of course the light air SUP wave riding! From the surf side, points north of O Inlet have been knee high on average with some nice potential outer sandbars in Nags Head, however, down south the swell has been better with Ramp 43 showing some nice form and size throughout the month.

Unfortunately, Rmp 43 and 44 are now closed to ORV as well as pedestrian (Rmp43) traffic so now these spots are untouched. Real bummer and nonsense given that now with the $ 120 annual/$ 50 weekly permitted ORV requirement, traffic is considerably diminished. Yet majority of Ramps on the islands are closed down.Why is ramp 1, 3, 23, 34 closed… these ramps are simply closed for no apparent reason??  All utter BS here and if the decision makers (that individual or small group who actually make the ramp open/close decisions) were to be open and forthcoming in “Why?!” it may make some sense, but its simply a closed door activity with the only reasoning noted as “nesting birds.” Honestly, I have always believed its a “policing” issue where the NPS has a perceived lack of manpower to satisfactorily patrol the beaches. Though beach access is another issue better suited for other blogs/posts/news outlets.

Back to the windy June, here is a nice June First Half photo recap shot by Keith M!
Bill’s OBX Beach Life

June Hatteras Action Simply Continues!

Why come in April when you can be here in June?! Guess it is a little more expensive for lodging, but Wow, warm air, warm water, and windy! If I had a full month to devote to a Hatteras windsurfing vacation, June 2013 would be the score! Basically, since the first days of the month though today, the winds simply continue. SSW, NE, and points in between have been happening daily across the islands with steady peaks above 20mph consistent, and many, many days of winds averaging 25+ mph! Who needs anything bigger than a 5.0m sail! Surf has been up and down with waist high averages, but there have been a few chest+ days, and as this photo shows from the other day, Wind-NC‘s, Andy McKinney scored a nice overhead nugget at Ego Beach!

All in all, some awesome conditions here on the OBX! For me, I have missed most due to a very busy work schedule and near flat surf here in Nags Head throughout the month.  However, I have caught everything which has been offered here oceanside in town given my lack of weekday time to trek south of Oregon Inlet. For the crew down in Avon though, its been killer!
photos:  Keith McCulloch
Bill’s OBX Beach Life

June Lighthouse Action!

June has kicked off with a string of NE days highlighted yesterday with strong conditions and nice surf down at Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach.  Some of the local windsurfing crew was on hand along with visiting kite pros for the Real Triple S Invitational.

Wind-NC’s Andy McKinney ripping at the House between new “Daddy duties” and running the shop! (all photos: Keith McCulloch)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life