Introducing the Sound Blaster!

Well, most of the blog posts here focus on ocean side wavesailing and sessions experienced when conditions align.  However, there is a whole other side to windsurfing on the OBX which, of course, is the more common experience found in the Sound waters of Pamlico and Albermarle.  Presently, most windsurfing happens in Pamlico between Waves/Rodanthe and Avon/Buxton where places like Haulover Beach (Canadian Hole) host sails in the water at nearly all times of the year.

Specifically tuned for Soundside sailing, and especially when the weeds are in bloom during the late Spring though early Fall months, a unique and specialized fin type is need for soundside windsurfing boards.  The “Weed Fin” is a common sight on boards found in Hatteras sound waters, and are distinguished by their long sharply angled dagger-like appearance.

Keith McCulloch has designed a sound side fin and is now offering it for sail, I mean, sale here on the OBX!  As an expert in CNC precision shaping and background in mechanical engineering, he has come up with a unique foil specially designed and tested in Hatteras sound waters.  Given plenty of experience sailing at Canadian Hole over the years, Keith is uniquely qualified to offer something specific to blasting in the sound waters while weeds are in bloom!

Check his web page for more info on the Sound Blaster!

Also, I had a recent inquiry about sail repair on the OBX, and yes we do have a repair shop set up down here.  If interested in Sail Repair, be sure to contact Dale and Barbara Bendula located in Buxton!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

A New Year, A New Sealion. Introducing the 8’3″

AHD has introduced a new SeaLion to its lineup called the 8’3.”  This new lion has been coined the “pro” version of the XL offering a thinner rail line and slightly wider shape.  From experience on the Pro, the thinner rail definitely helps with better control on the wave by reducing the bounce and offering a looser more responsive feel in the water.  The 8’3″ will likely work well for those riders interested in the XL yet may want something a little more aggressive for activity in the surf or even Classic riders looking for something extra yet loose. 

Here in Hatteras, this model should work quite well for summer conditions during our light air side-off days with small to moderate surf size.  May work well in bigger stuff too?!

All in all, its great to see more choice for the SeaLion fleet and I know that I am looking forward to another excellent Hatteras summer season of waves and light wind, catching it on the Sealion.  For me, its the Pro!

In local windsurfing news, its been relatively mild here and there has been plenty of winter wave action southside from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to Hatteras Village.  Rt 12 at Mirlo is now open and access south is good to go!  Forecast right now looks like “balmy” winter warmth with mid-60 degree air temps though the foreseeable future!  I have not been on the water for quite some time, but likely the Sealion will be reintroduced for 2013 to the Atlantic off Nags Head over the coming days.  A little S wind to fill the sail, and I will be good to go!  Down south, Wind-NC Andy has been hitting it regularly along with some of the local kite crew who did not jet off to some tropical destination.
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More N Wind FUN at Rmp 44 and Introducing the MauiSails 2013 Legend!

Rmp 44 continues to be the hot spot for N to NNE wind with side shore conditions and nice swell/lineup! See the latest action!
photographer: Keith McCulloch
riders: Andy M, Bill B, Martin (killing it!), and Ken A

Fresh new 2013 MauiSails Legend rigged and ready for action!

 and a shot in action!

Interested in the 2012 Legend?!  I will have a 5.3m and 4.5m for sale at killer pricing!  Stay tuned for upcoming post.

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Introducing the SeaLion PRO to Hatteras!

Yesterday I introduced the 2012 SeaLion PRO to Hatteras with a fun small surf session at Cape Point near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  Surf was quite small and short period which did not really offer optimal conditions to test the Pro’s surfability, but I did notice a definite difference from the Standard in that the Pro felt quite loose yet responsive, and is a definite step even closer to standard wavesailing characteristics on a light air board.  The Pro has the exact same outline as the Standard however, volume is shaved from the overall rail thickness bringing it down to 115 ltrs.  Weight is also reduced from the Standard which helps improve its responsiveness in the water.  The Pro also comes stock with a smaller fin set at 16cm vs 18cm for the Standard.

Overall, at my weight 155lbs, the Pro is the right choice for my true wave riding need in 5 to 18 mph wind.  I am able to uphaul the board with no problems and stability is spot on for what I require while light air wavesailing in tune with the surf zone and inside.  Upwind ability was excellent even in 5 mph wind.

Fortunately, we should have building surf though the week as TS Florence churns closer to the US East Coast.  If the winds remain light, I will definitely be ready to take the Pro into the tropical induced surf zone!

Interested in the SeaLion?!  I have SeaLions available for demo/rental as well as a new 2012 Standard SeaLion for sale.  Price on the new 2012 Standard is $ 1195 with pickup in Nags HeadContact me if interested in either the 2012 Standard purchase or a rental/demo available.

Welcome late summer/early fall as the tropical season begins!  Cheers to long period swell and surf generators which remain well offshore with no direct impacts.

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