Welcome 2016 and the Upcoming Hatteras Windsurfing Year!

Its been quite a while since the last blog post.  Basically the last one was the follow-up to the 2015 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam which was a huge success with excellent contest conditions.  The event week was marred late by rain and some extreme weather for vacating participants; however, the first half of the week saw building surf, a mix of sun and rain, and fun times for all who participated.  I was fortunate to score a 3rd place trophy in Ams and 7th in Pros!

1st place finisher Casey T sending the spray my way!

Following Wave Jam, we experienced an excellent Fall season with warm weather and water extending much later than usual.  I fondly remember a “trunks only” surf session a few days before Thanksgiving in Nags Head!  There were also a number of Sealion days and a few standard kit sessions peppered throughout the final days of 2015 with only a 3/2 wetsuit and no cap, booties, or gloves required!  The crew in Hatteras caught may great sessions, and though I missed most due to work/life commitments, I was able to catch what I could here in Nags Head, along with a few trips south of Oregon Inlet bridge.

Now we are into the new year and looking forward to the upcoming Hatteras Spring, Summer, and Fall windsurfing/wavesailing seasons!  March is only a few days away and already we are starting the warm windy transitional weather patterns which usher in those 70+ deg, 25+mph S wind days near weekly.  

Its that time of year to get pumped up for the season, and daydream about the warm windy sessions to come in May/June!  Of course, the annual migration from our northern windsurfing friends will begin soon with late March/April seeing the everyone filling the the village of Avon.

Looking forward to the upcoming season and more great windy, wavy sessions ahead!

Stoked for windsurfing!

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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Scored!

Wow, what an event!  All divisions have been run and conditions were excellent for a Hatteras wavesailing competition!  Ranging classic Lighthouse for the Pros with mast+ set bombers and action captured in photos and video unseen before in Hatteras, to south side clean lines of chest+ set surf for all other divisions, Tuesday and Wed delivered the goods for awesome exposure of when it is on fire here on the islands.

Here is one of the most impressive run at lip I have ever seen in Hatteras! Go Boujma Guilloul on this epic shot!  Interestingly, coming off the lip, he was completely engulfed in whitewater where nothing but white was seen from the beach.  Then suddenly he appeared out ahead of the mountain of white with sail in hand and recovered.  He continued the ride into “no mans land” where he spent some time recovering; however, with this first hit, it was the most impressive perhaps seen in Hatteras!  Epic!

All in all, see the AWT web site for the latest news and final results for all divisions!  Killer event and stoked for all that make it out here to catch classic “on fire” Hatteras wavesailing conditions!  Also big shout out to Sam Bittner for leading the AWT again this year, and Andy McKinney at Wind-NC for supporting another excellent year as title sponsor for the tour stop!

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The AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Sept 21-26

Hatteras Wave Jam 2015 is on again this year as the top/only US East Coast windsurfing wave competition and Tour stop for the 2015 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) The AWT is the premier US/International windsurfing tour featuring stops on the mainland US west/east coasts, Maui, Baja, and Peru.  Five years running, the AWT features the best national/international wavesailing talent at all levels of competition.  The AWT Hatteras Wave Jam is the pinnacle of US East Coast wavesailing action and is set to return again to Hatteras Island for our prime surf season in mid/late September!

From Tour Director Sam Bittner:

Hello Team Hatteras Wave Jam!
We are all looking forward to making the trip to beautiful Avon.  Invite your friends to come! The more the merrier :) This year we will be prepared to include SUP if the wind is light for part of the time so be sure to bring your boards. Windsurfing entry includes SUP entry but if anyone wants to only join SUP, the price is $ 50 for the week.  Contest will run – Saturday condition dependent.
Here is the week’s evening schedule:

Sunday, September20th: Wind-NC for opening/registration/check in: 6-8pm with beer and food.
Monday, September 21th: Open Night
Tuesday, September 22nd: Sunset SUP at Ocean Air with Cocktails
Wednesday, September 23rd: Pot Luck Dinner at AWT House in Avon. Address TBA.
Thursday, September 24th: Open night
Friday, September 25th: Closing party at Ocean Air with food, beer, prizes and awards.
Dreaming of wind and waves :)  

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AWT Cabo Verde Pro Scored with Hatteras Local Andy McKinney There!

Dibs to Wind-NC‘s Andy McKinney who made it out to the AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro and scored great conditions and an awesome time with the AWT family of top world renowned wavesailors!  Great to see all the stoke and the action as it unfolded though the numerous Facebook posts and commentary as the event unfolded.
Check out the tour stop wrap video!
Next stop on the AWT is Santa Cruz, CA June 4-7, 2015. Of course, AWT Hatteras Wave Jam is Sept 21-26, 2015!
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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam is a Wrap!

What an awesome ride again this year!  The American Windsurfing Tour Hatteras Wave Jam experienced some really FUN conditions last week.  From a contest perspective it was a tough year as the wind and surf in general was just below par; however, throughout each day of the contest window, pulses of wind/waves aligned allowing all heats across all classes to run and score.  Overall, it was a great success and special thanks to Sam Bittner, Chris Freeman, and Andy McKinney who led the Tour Stop and really made it happen!

Also of course, special thanks to Kevin Pritchard who put together this excellent experience video of the event!

See more photos, reports, and contest results at the AWT Web Site.
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First Day of AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Action!

The first windsurfing day for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam began Wed, Sept 17.  Incoming swell from Hurricane Edouard arrived mid day and provided a fun set swell wave for the southern facing beaches.  Winds were light/moderate, and though conditions were not consistent enough to run heats for the event, a successful morning Expression Session occurred during a short burst of 4.7m wind filled at Izzy’s.  The Expression Session lasted about 40 minutes and all who where there enjoyed a fun time of wave rides and ramps.  Kevin Pritchard scored the session trophy (champaign) sticking his signature one footed back loop.

Following the Expression Session, winds died off at Izzy’s and the swell remained marginal.  Pro heats were on standby and Amateur heats were called off for the day.  Many of the crew headed to Rmp 49 where the orientation of the island groomed the surf via side off wind conditions and the bars were nicely set for outside long line crumblers and inside fast barrels!  Wind was marginal, but it was enough to get out between the sets and puffs of strong wind had many on full plane throughout the afternoon.

All in all, a really fun session at Rmp 49 and great practice for the upcoming Amateur heats later this week (likely Friday?!).

Here is a shot of Keith McCulloch on a nice outside wave at Rmp 49 yesterday!

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Hatteras First NE of the Late Summer/Early Fall Season!

The first NE blow came early this year as we are now in Day 2 of a three day run of wind and surf! Yesterday, as is typical for the first day, Old Lighthouse Beach was the call.  I made it down to join the action riding a 4.6m MS Mutant and the trusty 92 Quatro Twin, Fun Time!

An assortment of wave kiters and windsurfers, even a lone surfer, were on the water ripping in solid chest+ conditions.  Classic Lighthouse setup!

Keith snapped a few shots from yesterday.

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Outer Beaches Realty and Hatteras Wave Jam 2014

Planning to visit the OBX during the week of the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2014?! 

Well as an added incentive, Outer Beaches Realty is offering a 10% discount off rental housing during the week of the event!  Likely could cover the fuel costs for the ride down (at least in a standard sized vehicle)!

images: Outer Beaches Realty
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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2014 – Sept 15 – 20

The 2014 American Windsurfing Tour, Hatteras Wave Jam is ON again this year, Sept 15-20. 
2014 marks the 7th year for the HWJ from its humble grass root beginnings back in 2008.  The 2014 event will be another major highlight for US East Coast wavesailing as Hatteras hosts many of the worlds top ranked international windsurfers.  Definitely an event not to miss!

Mark those calendars!

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Stuck on Hatteras Island Courtesy of Hurricane Arthur?

Perhaps, but for July 4 weekend, HI is the spot for ocean side FUN! Check out these snaps from Keith M from some SUP action on the holiday at Rmp 38. With the NE wind on tap today (Saturday), there is sure to be more FUN south side action! Damn, and with Rt 12 out, I am gonna miss it….bummer!
More pics from the SUP sesh at Rmp 38 on July 4, 2014
all photos:  Keith M

As for progress on Rt 12 recovery, see the NCDOT Facebook page for most recent updates/feeds/photos.  From recent posts, looks like they are progressing nicely.  Hopefully all will be back to normal on Pea Island for the forecast Bermuda High setting up this coming week?!
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