First Half of May…How Many Days?!

Looks like ALL of them!

The crew down in Avon has been on the water literally every day since May 1!  Surf, wind, sun, its all been down there south of Oregon Inlet bridge!  For those down there either locally or visiting, its been a major score over the past 15 days.  Great to see all the photos and its been a great late Spring offering during the welcomed warming period across the islands!

all shots by Kieth M and Rick E.
Riders include Mike W, SeaSquatch (Ken A), and the “Old Man!”

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Meeting My Half Brother

Last night I was fortunate to have met one of my half brothers.  Seth is here for the weekend from Alaska.  We have been texting and talking on the phone since I first made contact with my birth father last spring.  He is so down to earth and easy to talk to.  I hope to take a trip to Alaska soon to visit him there. 
I may get a chance to meet my other half brother next month as he will be in Tampa for a wedding.  Feeling very fortunate lately!  After waiting all my life I feel as though the pieces are finally coming together.

 photo MeetingSeth.jpg

Our Breezy Beach Life