Here’s my quick guide to essential oils and 3 you can start with plus a sleep oil recipe

Hellooooo beach cottage lovelies…a while ago I posted on Instagram and Facebook about using and loving essential oils and since then I’ve had lots of comments, questions and some emails about using essential oils and so I thought I would write about my experiences, let me point out I am no expert, though I am [...]

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A vintage ladder, sheets & Beach Cottage Guide to Marriage

We have Beach Cottage vintage ladders in the house, yah. I was recently somewhere that had promised to douse me in canapes and may well not get me with the latest Manolos, ways to improve your storage solutions, cough, or a new brand of coffee…but bedlinen, ahem, so very very  there… …this was an [...]

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Beach lovers guide to home interiors

Perhaps from time to time after an energised day at the beach, we could all do with a little retail therapy, just a teaspoon full of it.  Well, if you are ever travelling through the Vale of Glamorgan and happen to be close to a small coastal town called Llantwit Major you must visit House Envy.

It is the most delightful new home interiors store, recently opened by the ever so lovely and talented Nicola Wilkes.  Famous for her interior design articles in national newspapers and lifestyle magazines such as Ideal Home and Coast, this lady has got home style skills like no other!  Not only that, but she manages another online business and is a mum to three gorgeous kids…..just call her superwoman!

I hope to interview Nicola in the not so distant future for one of the chapters in my book ‘Work life is a Beach’ In the meantime here is her ‘soon to be launched’ website

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