Festival Fever

I am thrilled to hear about all the unique new festivals lined up for Summer 2012.  I just wish I had the time to attend them all.  Wouldn’t it be great to take the summer off and travel the country to attend all these glamping friendly events.  I for one would love to take the family, my wave rider could venture off to the local beach for either wind n waves and I could take the kids to the gigs for music, art and face painting. Some are close to the coast and others in the country, all the same its about family time, chilling and enjoying the happy days outdoors.  Who’s up for it?

Here are my top 5 festivals for this Summer:

1. Wilderness Festival: Wow!  this looks spectacular, its on my wish list!

2. Festival Number 6 in Port Meirion, Wales: Well as a true welsh girl, it would be rude not to go to this one!




3. The Magic Loungeabout:  Get your sofa and posh iced coffee at the ready!

4. Bestival: Just one of those classic family friendly festivals, one not to be missed!

5. Hay Festival:  Perfect for you book worms out there, quite a foodie haunt and set in beautiful surroundings! All thats missing is the beach!

As festival fever takes hold of me, Im sure to be adding another 5 fvourites through the summer! Watch this space x

The Beach Experience