Two Days at Coquina

This past weekend saw a double header at Coquina Beach south of Nags Head.  Strong S/SSW wind on tap provided fun wavesailing conditions complemented by a little swell in town.  Surf Saturday ranged waist to head, while Sunday was smaller in the waist to chest average.  The tide lined up well with afternoon sessions each day providing waves on the mid/outer sandbar.

I was solo both days, but there were plenty of weekend beachgoers to watch the show.  Always enjoy when I come in after the session, and folks note how “awesome” the action was, how they never saw anything like it, and “…how much does that “kiteboard” cost?.”  :)

All in all, a fun two days, perfect for my “green” condition, given I have not been wavesailing at the frequency of past years!  Though two more entries for the May calendar…, hopefully the next session will not be too far off…just need another swell complemented with the S/SSW wind?! 
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Days of SSE Winds and a Decent Swell Serve Up Fun In Nags Head!

Over the past week, the predominant OBX weather pattern has been SSE/S wind and a decent sized swell in the water ranging waist+ throughout most of the period.  I have been catching daily “extended lunch break” sessions at Bladen St in town where a decent outside sandbar currently exists.  Conch St has not been working as well as past years, thus focus has shifted to Bladen as well as Enterprise.  Both of these spots primarily work on SSE or S, as SSW will be very sheltered.  However, on the SeaLion, this is not a problem.  There have been a few days where the standard kit did work, and I was even able to pop a few rare “in-town loops” off an approaching swell; however, most of the sessions have been SeaLion only.

The surf over the past week has been quite fun with a peak this past Sunday.  Unfortunately, during the peak, SE winds were minimal even for the SeaLion, and the water was unseasonably cold (low 50s).  I did catch a late session Sunday following the tide switch that brought in warmer water, but it was only a few waves, though fun in size and power…, of course, trunks only!

All in all, there has been plenty of in town action given all these days of SSE/S wind with strongest conditions north of O Inlet.  Hopefully, things turn on down South and we see a “classic” Bermuda High lock into place with strong SSW winds daily!  Of course, I have to juggle the time to get down south of the bridge, but at least I have been able to catch some fun stuff up in town lately!
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First Half of May…How Many Days?!

Looks like ALL of them!

The crew down in Avon has been on the water literally every day since May 1!  Surf, wind, sun, its all been down there south of Oregon Inlet bridge!  For those down there either locally or visiting, its been a major score over the past 15 days.  Great to see all the photos and its been a great late Spring offering during the welcomed warming period across the islands!

all shots by Kieth M and Rick E.
Riders include Mike W, SeaSquatch (Ken A), and the “Old Man!”

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6 Days in Hatteras Video!

ReefWarrior, Casey Treichler put together this excellent wave sailing video from his recent Hatteras visit and specifically catching it at the Friso Pier last week (see previous post). All in all, very nice, even if I did not make the cut from the day I was down there. Guess I should have stayed out when conditions improved just after derigging my sail that day! :)
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happy days

Good Morning from the Whitsundays! I have been sitting here at the screen wondering what to write to go with these photos Awesome? Amazing? Blue? Beautiful? Unreal? Unbelievable? Stunning? There don’t seem to be any words that describe how beautiful it is in the Whitsundays… Mother Nature is pretty special right? I am up at [...]

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from Christmas days gone by

Morning Beach Cottage ladies, I wonder what is going on in your little part of the world? Well here I am very much looking forward to Christmas and will be heartily singing Carols for the rest of the week…Bing eat your heart out. Anyway, I have had emails and pinners messaging me about various Christmas [...]
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14 Days to AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Week!

And… Tropical Season is underway!!

This past weekend long period swell arrived serving up chest+ clean set wave surf and winds from the SSE.  Nags Head was the call, and I caught an “ALL Day” wavesailing sesh at Conch St across from BrewThru Jr, near Jockey’s Ridge.  I rode both the SeaLion Pro and Quatro Twin 92 with the 5.3m Legend throughout the day.  TON of FUN sesh with numerous big clean wave rides and hits at the soft yet powerful peaks!  I was solo (as usual) in Nags Head with a sail in hand, yet there were numerous surfers and two waves of downwinding kiteboarders who came through.

All in all, Saturday’s wave sesh in Nags Head was a fun treat and excellent training sesh for the upcoming AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  I lasted all day which was cool since I had a two week layoff since my previous wave sesh; yet everything worked and game was on!

Also landed a hookup with some swag/promo from the PhixDoctor epoxy repair kits provider as the owner was traveling and happened to be in the water surfing, while I was riding Light Air Wave. Guess he liked what he saw! Good stuff and new sail stickers will look nice once the 2013 Legend freshies arrive Sept 10 ahead of Wave Jam!

Ahhh, love tropical season for days like this past Sat!  Only down side, no photos though likely with all the beach goers on the sand, someone was taking shots with their iPhones/point and shoots, as wavesailing in Nags Head is a rare sight, and most folks have never seen it live in action, especially in surf such as Sat!

Regarding the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam, Tropical Outlook is on track for incoming swell and low tide is on our side riding in the afternoon hours during event week!  Gonna be FUN!

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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 90 Days and Counting!

For those participating in the upcoming American Windsurfing Tour’s (AWT) Hatteras Wave Jam, we are now at 90 days until the only US East Coast stop on the Tour (Sept 12-15)!  Three months of training remain to solidify your wave riding action as the best of the best visit the islands for a week of fun surf and wavesailing action!   Definitely a Hatteras windsurfing event not to miss!

Note, Stop Two on the Tour is set to begin in a few days at Pistol River, OR! 

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