Closer to Finding Out An Answer

I had an appointment this morning with another ENT.  I was determined to get a second opinion because I wasn’t satisfied with the first ENT I visited. 
The Doctor reviewed my file before I arrived and after asking a few questions he stated that more than likely I have Meniere’s Disease.   
I didn’t tell him but when I had been researching my symptoms online several times my search ended with Meniere’s but I didn’t want it to be true because it’s a chronic condition that usually results in permanent hearing loss and continuous episodes of vertigo. 
He is sending me for a hearing test.  I don’t know if it’s in Jacksonville or Daytona because at this point my mind was thinking a million things.  He said that they are busy so it’ll probably be at least 3-4 weeks before I can get an appointment.  He stated that there are a couple indicators they look for in the testing to confirm the Meniere’s Disease.
In the meantime he said the easiest treatment is a low salt diet.  I will see him again in 4 weeks for a follow-up and finish my last physical therapy session this week.  He stated that people get results from the low sodium diet and worst case scenario I will need injections in the ear or surgery. 
Chronic…I hate that word.  The dizziness is horrible and I hate to think that I now have a chronic condition to live with…aye!  Hoping the low salt diet will provide some relief.

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