The Action is South Side!!

We are currently in one of those week long stretches of strong NE wind with cool days and hot action on the water!  Keith M has been posting regularly on the OBX Beach Life forum with session calls ranging Old Lighthouse beach to Hatteras Inlet.  The action looks top notch/classic Hatteras southside with long lines, and lots of turns/hits on the clean surf!

Keith M on a nice line at Izzys on the south side between Friso and Hatteras.   photo:  Rick E

Check into Keith’s CNC Fins facebook page for more photos and commentary on this epic NE Hatteras run.

Hah, I am missing it!!
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May Action and TS Ana!

We are well into the prime late Spring/early Summer wave sailing season on the OBX, and the crew down south have been scoring on the south side from Frisco to Hatteras Inlet!  Recent NE winds and south side swell have lined up some quite nice conditions down there.  TS Ana kicked up a few days of excellent rare Cove conditions along with fun times in the ocean south of Avon.

Kieth M, and Ken A have been on it for each offering, along with some of the seasonal and visiting crew down there.  Unfortunately, I have missed it all due to life/work commitments.

All in all, great to see all the action over the past week from down south, though it does feel somewhat odd that I was not there, as in every year over the past 20+, I was usually there at least for some of it.  Well, there will be more to come in 2015 and hopefully I will be able to navigate the complexities to find time to squeeze in some mental decompression sessions south of Oregon Inlet.  Right now though, back to work…

Check out these galleries Keith M put together!

Also, if blasting around in the sound with weeds is your call, definitely check out Keith McCulloch’s CNC weed fins (! These are custom designed and tested/refined/built locally!

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November Wave Action!

Yesterday, warm windy SSW blanketed the OBX providing fun sessions across the east facing beaches from Nags Head to Buxton.  I caught it at Conch St in Nags Head both on the Sealion and standard kit.  Fun waist+ conditions with some overhead peaks and gusty warm winds ranging 10 to 35 mph!  Water temps remained relatively mild at around 60 degrees with no booties or hood required.
I did have to swim the kit in as the wind completely dropped out in Nags Head following a squall burst of 30 mph wind… luckily, I was in the inside when all dropped out, so the swim was short.

Down south, the Avon wave crew caught it at Ramp 43.  From the pics Keith sent in, appears Rmp 43 was the prime spot to be for day!
   All in all, some FUN, warm OBX November wave sesh all around!
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First Day of AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Action!

The first windsurfing day for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam began Wed, Sept 17.  Incoming swell from Hurricane Edouard arrived mid day and provided a fun set swell wave for the southern facing beaches.  Winds were light/moderate, and though conditions were not consistent enough to run heats for the event, a successful morning Expression Session occurred during a short burst of 4.7m wind filled at Izzy’s.  The Expression Session lasted about 40 minutes and all who where there enjoyed a fun time of wave rides and ramps.  Kevin Pritchard scored the session trophy (champaign) sticking his signature one footed back loop.

Following the Expression Session, winds died off at Izzy’s and the swell remained marginal.  Pro heats were on standby and Amateur heats were called off for the day.  Many of the crew headed to Rmp 49 where the orientation of the island groomed the surf via side off wind conditions and the bars were nicely set for outside long line crumblers and inside fast barrels!  Wind was marginal, but it was enough to get out between the sets and puffs of strong wind had many on full plane throughout the afternoon.

All in all, a really fun session at Rmp 49 and great practice for the upcoming Amateur heats later this week (likely Friday?!).

Here is a shot of Keith McCulloch on a nice outside wave at Rmp 49 yesterday!

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Mid-April Wave Action In Hatteras!

Its been going off in Hatteras over the past week! Strong S and NE wind, killer wrap swell, and beefy leftovers, and lots of visiting crew in town to catch it.  Of course, first off, I have missed most of it as I was out of town during the NE window where all the action happened on the south side with killer wrap swell.  However, I did catch the kick off S and follow though SSW with very fun surf conditions in Nags Head riding the trusty SeaLion. 

Today, following the past 6 days of nuking NE wind, the wind switched SSW and really cleaned up the surf.  From Nags Head to Avon, Surfline was all green with excellent conditions breaking on the outside bars.  I caught it at Conch St in Nags Head riding the Sealion.  Surprisingly, no surfers or SUPs were out and I enjoyed the surf all to my self.  Down south in Avon, the local crew caught it at Rmp 38 and Keith posted this killer pic riding backside on the Sealion on logo high bomber! 
(photographer:  Rick Eustis)

Over the weekend, the South side was firing and the action was scored at Izzy’s and the Washout down near Hatteras Inlet (location of the 2013 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam contest).  Caught this shot of Charlie in for one of those classic looooong line setups with wrap swell firing!

See more of the south side action here!

All in all, a killer mid-April Hatteras wave jam!  Welcome relief following completion of taxes for 2013!
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The Hatteras Hiker and Ego Beach Action!

The “Hatteras Hiker” is a convenient method for carrying your kit out to the beach.  Originally invented by Wind-NC‘s Andy McKinney, I adopted this method given all the beach ORV access closures and need now to carry my stuff out (what a waste of a $ 120 2013 beach driving permit!).  The setup is quite compact, easy, well balanced, and the carry is very natural.  Kind of like an office briefcase.  With the “Hatteras Hiker” in one hand, and the board in the other, its a breeze heading out at spots like Ego Beach, Lifeguard, etc…  No longer a need to rig in a rough parking lot, and head carry a rigged kit.  Now, its a simple, compact, and easy method to get out there and catch a few waves, if a hike is necessary. 

Speaking of Ego Beach (which is located oceanside directly across from Canadian Hole), the setup there is now working quite well with a nice scalloped beach and escarpments equating to a nice outside sandbar and calm/minimal shorebreak.  Should be quite nice there today and this weekend with the strong wind forecast and rising wrap surf! 
Here is a slide show shot yesterday at Ego by Keith McCulloch

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

June Hatteras Action Simply Continues!

Why come in April when you can be here in June?! Guess it is a little more expensive for lodging, but Wow, warm air, warm water, and windy! If I had a full month to devote to a Hatteras windsurfing vacation, June 2013 would be the score! Basically, since the first days of the month though today, the winds simply continue. SSW, NE, and points in between have been happening daily across the islands with steady peaks above 20mph consistent, and many, many days of winds averaging 25+ mph! Who needs anything bigger than a 5.0m sail! Surf has been up and down with waist high averages, but there have been a few chest+ days, and as this photo shows from the other day, Wind-NC‘s, Andy McKinney scored a nice overhead nugget at Ego Beach!

All in all, some awesome conditions here on the OBX! For me, I have missed most due to a very busy work schedule and near flat surf here in Nags Head throughout the month.  However, I have caught everything which has been offered here oceanside in town given my lack of weekday time to trek south of Oregon Inlet. For the crew down in Avon though, its been killer!
photos:  Keith McCulloch
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Day Two Leslie Big Swell Action at Coquina Beach!

Day two of BIG H Leslie swell served up some nice set rides, this time at Coquina Beach just south of Nags Head.  The surf was a notch smaller than the day before, yet the set waves still provided nice overhead conditions in the zone.  SSW winds peaked into the mid-20s mph range offering a chance to take out the standard kits to ride in the surf!  Keith, Ralph, Sam, Ian, and I along with a another young visiting sailor who I did not catch his name, sailed Coquina in conditions a notch down from the legendary H Bill sesh of 2009.  It was quite good at Coquina yesterday, but as winds dropped though late afternoon and shifted true SW, it become more difficult to stay on the wave with the light air kits.  There were also some challenging middle bar closeouts that threw up the denial sign a few times for those in the wrong spot at the wrong time attempting to make it out.

Overall though, it was quite a fun session and one of the top wave riding days of the year!
Some select photos:

here is the slide show!
(photos:  Keith McCulloch)

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Day Three Leslie Action, This Time… Cape Point!

The Hatteras wavesailing action continues this week!  I missed yesterday, but the local and visiting crew down south caught another awesome session, this time at the Point in Buxton! Riders included: Ken A, Sara F, Ralph M, Sam F, Ian S and Keith M

Wow, if we had Hatteras Wave Jam this week?!

Enough words, here are the pics!
photos:  Keith McCulloch and Ralph Moore

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