Photo Updates

 photo 92064FC9-5D5C-41BE-BE5A-2CF050E46B42_1.jpg
First Ribbons
 photo AE12D547-0BD0-412A-82EA-71328486375E_1.jpg
Kisses from Nana and Papa’s Dog, Lady
 photo 55B10AEF-9549-4486-B784-CB99149E863C.jpg
She only looks sweet and innocent
 photo 45CA28FD-C9B3-480A-97D0-48BD391384A5.jpg
Baby Shower for my friend Amanda
 photo 64FD10B4-2888-4CF4-B14B-41F811B6BA74_1.jpg
Baby Shower was at a tea room in Orlando
 photo A78D5D0E-D3BA-43E0-9509-75F0540F69F5.jpg
Yorkshire Gold Tea at the shower
 photo 0B04266A-29BB-4F5F-90B9-0C34E6A77ECD_1.jpg
40 Valentine’s for A & E’s classmates
 photo 052B57DA-346D-436B-AD4C-DB7A7D5470C8.jpg
Life’s toughest decision for a 4 year old
 photo 39E59270-FB71-4C03-BC64-8BC68E45CA6D.jpg
Pic from her 1st soccer practice

Our Breezy Beach Life

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