Dizzy Update 6

This morning I had my 3rd physical therapy session.  After Tuesday’s session I felt really good for the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday.  Yesterday I felt the dizziness was a bit stronger but still a huge improvement over last week.  I’m going to continue the physical therapy twice a week until the symptoms are completely gone.  I’ve also scheduled an appointment with a different ENT for a second opinion due to some pressure in my right ear that the physical therapist says isn’t common with vertigo.
I’ve filed for intermittent leave with work which means that I still go to work every day but when I need time off for doctor and PT appointments I won’t be penalized.  I picked up the paperwork this morning that my Doctor filled out.  I felt a little discouraged when I saw “Vertigo – High Chance of Reoccurrence.”  This has been an incredibly hard 4 weeks for me and I can’t begin to think what life will be like if this reoccurs.  I’m trying to stay positive at this point that I’m getting results from the PT and hope to be symptom free soon!

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