Dear Kidney Stones

I jokingly told a friend this week that once I turned 35 my body started failing me.  This week on Tuesday afternoon I started getting back and side/flank pain.  It started off feeling like a pulled muscle.  As I took Addison to gymnastics that night the pain intensified.  By the time gymnastics was over I called my parents to meet me and take Addison so I could go to the urgent care. 

When I got to the UC they did a urinalysis and stated that there were signs that it could be kidney stones.  He offered to give me a prescription painkiller.  I told him that I didn’t want anything strong – just a high dose of ibuprofen.  He laughed and asked “Do you want to sleep tonight or not?”  He then prescribed me a prescription narcotic.  He stated he could give me a shot for the pain but I told him I could wait for the meds to be ready at the pharmacy in an hour.  Bad decision! 

In a short time span of 60 minutes the pain intensified to something I’ve never experienced in my life.  I’m not exaggerating when I say the pain was 10 times worse than labor pains.  I was moaning, crying unable to do anything.  Thankfully my parents were helping with the kids.  My Mom drove me to the pharmacy because since it was a narcotic I would have to show my drivers license.  I’m pretty sure her and Dad felt helpless.  Brian came home early and offered to take me to the ER.  One minute I said yes, the next no.  Once the pain med kicked in it took the edge off the pain but I could still feel twinges of pain throughout the night.  It was excruciating beyond anything I’ve felt in my life.  If it hadn’t been for the painkiller I would have absolutely been in the ER that night.

Wednesday I woke up and the pain was mostly gone.  My side was tender but I was okay.  We celebrated Addison’s birthday with pizza and a cake Mom made for her.  Brian again came home early from work.

Thursday I had a regular appointment with my doctor to go over my Meniere’s Disease regimen and progress.  When I was with her I told her about what I believed was kidney stones but didn’t have pain since.  She told me to call if the pain came back and she would order some testing.  She was impressed with how good things are going with my Meniere’s.  When she took me to the nurse station she said to the nurse “Sara found the cure to Meniere’s.”  I corrected her and said I didn’t find the cure I just did lots of research and found a doctor in Boston who had success with this regimen.  She stated that I should go to medical conferences and speak about it because other doctors should be aware and informed and who better to tell them then a patient who’s found success.  Of course in hindsight I’m always thinking to myself, how long will this treatment work?  Will it loose it’s effectiveness in 5 years, 10 years…then what.  Oh well, I’ll choose to stay positive and be glad with the results for now. 

I had taken Thursday and Friday off work for doctors appointments and to prepare for Addison’s party this weekend.  Thursday afternoon I was at my parents house and I could feel the pain starting again…great.  I went home and took the pain med and called my doctor early Friday morning. 

Yesterday my doctor sent me to a imaging/radiology center for a Retroperitoneal Ultrasound Bilateral.  Unfortunately both locations in my city were booked and had no appointments until late Monday.  I told them I had to get in because I needed to know the size of the stone(s) to determine if I was able to pass them on my own or if they would need to be lasered or surgically removed.  They found a location 45 minutes away for the afternoon.  Mom and I drove to the appointment and luckily didn’t have to wait long.  They did an ultrasound of both kidneys and my bladder.  When I asked the technician if there were stones she stated that she couldn’t discuss the results with me.  The results would be sent to my doctor which would contact me to discuss.  Ugh!!!  Since it was late Friday means I won’t hear anything until Monday at the earliest.  The tech took several pictures and I heard lots of typing when she was examining the right kidney. 

At this point I’m taking ibuprofen to manage the pain because I don’t like taking prescribed narcotics. 

I’m praying that the stone(s) do not decide to pass on Sunday during Addison’s party.  I’m also praying that they are small enough for me to pass on my own. 

Dear Kidney Stones – Please go away soon. 

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