A Beach Cottage Anniversary


Well, here are some pics of where I now live and love.

Still very much pinching myself on that front…

This is where we went for our wedding Anniversary recently.

Umm, it’s been a lot of years now.

Can’t quite believe that.

I have been with that guy I call Mr Beach Cottage a long time now.

Really, I haven’t been away from him too much.

beach cottage blog ocean

He’s taught me a lot.

I can’t quite believe he has put up with me.

Though he drives me around the twist.

It’s made me think about marriage this Anniversary.

And how far we have come.

Since that girl and boy in their very early Twenties.


Every year we say we will do something ‘special’.

And every year we don’t do that but rather we go out for the day and explore and just do stuff…not fancy stuff…just stuff…

Very often ‘stuff’ involves going into the city.

Mr Beach Cottage and I both love doing that.

It wasn’t easy when our kiddos were littlies.

But we still did stuff.


‘Stuff’ this time involved taking Barley on his first boat trip.

And being near the water.


We didn’t dress up or do anything fancy or spend much money at all.

abeachcottage blogIMG_8392

The Beach Cottage Crew came with us.

They are used to our ‘stuff’

beach cottage blog

I had the most splendid of days.

IMG_8282IMG_8421coastal photography

It got me thinking.

I love my little family, I love Barls more than I ever thought.

And really.

I just love our stuff.

In our new life.


It took me a long time.

To find out what was my stuff.

40 odd years.


My stuff, it seems, is all about simple.

It hasn’t always been like that though.

For a good while I was caught up in crap.

Now I think I am getting there.

Good friends, fresh air, easy days, loving home, the little things…


and I think Mr BC is the same…

Which is why we are still here.

What about you, what is your stuff?



pelican imageIMG_8512


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