Happy Birthday, Mom!!

She raised 2 children, opened our home to foster children, foreign exchange students and family members. She worked as a teacher for 38 years, volunteered her time as a Sunday school teacher, confirmation teacher and spending time with the elderly at the local nursing home. Since moving to Florida she continues volunteering her time to help others. She volunteers in the children’s department of the local library and volunteers as a reading mentor to elementary school children. In addition, this year when we switched Addison to a new school and she was missing her friends my Mom began volunteering in her classroom. She has never met a stranger, she has approached everything with grace and style and she is the true embodiment of a strong, beautiful woman. I am blessed to have you as a role model. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Antiviral Approach to Meniere’s – Month 8 Update

I’ve now been on Valacyclovir for 8 months and doing great.  I started with the 3 times a day for 3 weeks, then 2 a day for 3 weeks and now on the maintenance dose of 1 pill a day.  I’ve had a couple minor setbacks but overall feel back to “normal.”

I reduced the number of John of Ohio’s supplements I was taking due to having my first ever experience with kidney stones (may have been caused by the number of JOH supplements I was taking or the Valacyclovir…either way I’m now doing well only taking two of the JOH supplements daily).  The only side affect I’ve noticed with taking the Valacyclovir is that I now get UTI’s every few months.  My doctor continues to monitor my kidney and liver function with blood draws every 6 months to ensure there is no damage from the extended use of the prescription. 

A trigger for me is definitely gluten.  I’m now totally gluten free which was a major lifestyle change but it has helped tremendously.  Now if I dine out and there happens to be gluten in something I immediately get the brain fog, dizziness, headache and my bad ear starts to feel full.  I’m eating organic foods as much as possible, using essential oils and still seeing my chiropractic doctor…but have cut my visits down to just once every 8 weeks. 

I’m so happy to be able to go to the grocery store and not need to park by the cart return to grab a shopping cart in order to get into the store without falling.  It really is about the small things in life that we so easily take for granted.

Knock on wood…everything is going well!

Our Breezy Beach Life