Trunks Only in Nags Head!

Great weekend for water time!  Caught a FUN Sealion session in Nags Head at Conch St near the BrewThru at Jockeys Ridge.  Surf was relatively small in the waist high range with chest+ peaks on the sets; however, the bars were breaking nicely outside with a 9 second period coming in.  Wind was perfect with slightly side off in the mid-teens range.  Lots of wave rides, fun turns, lip hits, and other action in surprisingly warm water.  Trunks and a 2 mil top was all that was needed.  No images as I was solo but if you are in town, or if its too side on down south, its worth checking out!

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First Half of May…How Many Days?!

Looks like ALL of them!

The crew down in Avon has been on the water literally every day since May 1!  Surf, wind, sun, its all been down there south of Oregon Inlet bridge!  For those down there either locally or visiting, its been a major score over the past 15 days.  Great to see all the photos and its been a great late Spring offering during the welcomed warming period across the islands!

all shots by Kieth M and Rick E.
Riders include Mike W, SeaSquatch (Ken A), and the “Old Man!”

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

May Action and TS Ana!

We are well into the prime late Spring/early Summer wave sailing season on the OBX, and the crew down south have been scoring on the south side from Frisco to Hatteras Inlet!  Recent NE winds and south side swell have lined up some quite nice conditions down there.  TS Ana kicked up a few days of excellent rare Cove conditions along with fun times in the ocean south of Avon.

Kieth M, and Ken A have been on it for each offering, along with some of the seasonal and visiting crew down there.  Unfortunately, I have missed it all due to life/work commitments.

All in all, great to see all the action over the past week from down south, though it does feel somewhat odd that I was not there, as in every year over the past 20+, I was usually there at least for some of it.  Well, there will be more to come in 2015 and hopefully I will be able to navigate the complexities to find time to squeeze in some mental decompression sessions south of Oregon Inlet.  Right now though, back to work…

Check out these galleries Keith M put together!

Also, if blasting around in the sound with weeds is your call, definitely check out Keith McCulloch’s CNC weed fins (! These are custom designed and tested/refined/built locally!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Kidney Update

The doctors office called today and said the ultrasound showed nothing abnormal.  She said the extreme pain was probably a kidney infection caused from the UTI and since I had been taking an antibiotic that should have cleared it up.  I told her that I’ve had mild tenderness in my side but nothing painful enough to take the narcotic since last week.  She said if the pain comes back to call and they will order more testing.  They said there was also the possibility that it was a stone and that I passed it before the ultrasound.  I’m baffled!

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