Addison Update

The surgery went well. She was done in less than 30 minutes. Surgery was the easy part. We are on day 6 of Addison’s recovery and it’s been grueling.

Day 6 and still spending most of her day in bed

Some of my suggestions for anyone who will be having their tonsils and adenoids out.

1. Stay on top of the pain meds. I set my alarm to go off every 4 hours throughout the night for the first 3 nights. They gave her a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine and I swear it only worked for an hour then she was miserable for the 3 hours until she could take it again. On day 2 (after a recommendation from a friend) I started alternating between ibuprofen and the Tylenol with Codeine and it made a world of difference. She is still waking up crying in the middle of the night once the meds wear off. Some doctors are against giving ibuprofen (usually only prior to the surgery) due to risk of increased bleeding but I did lots of research and found it to be a common safe practice for after the surgery.

2. Stay hydrated. Once the throat gets dry the pain will increase. She did not want to drink because of the pain but it is vital.

3. Expect to lose weight. Addison flat out refused to eat for several days. Day 5 was the first time she ate. She refused popsicles and would only eat 2 bites of pudding a day.

4. Expect ear pain on day 2. This is not because of an ear infection but deferred pain from the throat.

5. She gets bursts of energy (usually after the ibuprofen kicks in) and will play but once the meds start wearing off she’s back in bed resting. She spent the first two days in bed all day and night. The doctor stated that the pain of a tonsillectomy is greater than someone who has had open heart surgery.

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Surgery Tenative For Tomorrow

Addison’s surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids is tenative for tomorrow. The reason I say tenative is because we have all come down with the flu this week. It has been miserable around here. Thankfully Brian has dodged it by being in Tampa all week for work meetings.

Last Friday Addison had her pre-op testing. She received a finger prick to check her iron. Remember my phobia of needles and blood…well, guess who passed out at the pediatrician’s office from hearing the finger prick…yours truly. What a sight, a mother on the peds exam table with an ice pack on the back of my neck and a nurse in the room monitoring me. Aye! Her finger prick showed low iron so the doctor sent us to the lab for a blood draw. I called my Mom and asked her to come along because I didn’t want to be in the room for the draw. What an ordeal. They had to stick Addison 3 times due to her tensing up and moving. Poor thing :( The blood work finally came back late yesterday and the iron levels are good so pending her flu symptoms she will have surgery tomorrow. Extra prayers appreciated.

Once again big thanks to my parents for accompanying me to the doctor visits and taking care of us this week.

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November Wave Action!

Yesterday, warm windy SSW blanketed the OBX providing fun sessions across the east facing beaches from Nags Head to Buxton.  I caught it at Conch St in Nags Head both on the Sealion and standard kit.  Fun waist+ conditions with some overhead peaks and gusty warm winds ranging 10 to 35 mph!  Water temps remained relatively mild at around 60 degrees with no booties or hood required.
I did have to swim the kit in as the wind completely dropped out in Nags Head following a squall burst of 30 mph wind… luckily, I was in the inside when all dropped out, so the swim was short.

Down south, the Avon wave crew caught it at Ramp 43.  From the pics Keith sent in, appears Rmp 43 was the prime spot to be for day!
   All in all, some FUN, warm OBX November wave sesh all around!
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TMJ, TMD and Meniere’s

I’ve said this before but I truly love my upper cervical chiropractic doctor. Unlike medical doctors who seem quick to get you in and out and write a script I feel as though she’s genuinely concerned about my health and what is causing my issues. Each visit she spends at least 30-45 minutes with me going over all symptoms and possible triggers. Although she has been able to resolve several of my symptoms (fullness, tinnitus, and vertigo) I have at times slight dizziness. In reviewing my symptoms she noticed that my dizziness increases with stress. At my last appointment she asked if I had any issues with TMJ. I stated that I have never had any popping or locking of my jaw, nor do I grind my teeth but I do clench my jaw when under stress.

I had no clue that several TMJ/TMD symptoms are similar to Meniere’s

She asked me to open my mouth. When I did she stated my lower jaw moves slightly to the right (my affected ear is the right ear) I had lots of dental work done (braces) in adolescence which may be the cause of the jaw being off alignment. Of course as I’ve stated before, Brian is a skeptic but I told him when I recently went to a new dentist and at my first exam he also stated my jaw opens to the right. When looking in the mirror it is very obvious that my lower jaw moves to the right when opening my mouth.

During my last visit the doctor massaged the outside of my jaw area and while she pushed on the joint asked me to open my mouth. I was in tears from the pain and could barely open my mouth as she was applying pressure but have never previously had jaw pain in my life. She massaged the facial muscles on the outside then massaged the muscle on the inside of my cheek. After she was done I had such a relaxed feeling. She will now focus on realigning my jaw.

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