Radio Show Guest

This Sunday I will be a radio show guest on a local station.  I was invited to be on the show to talk about the local website/blog that I do.  It’s a short 4 minute segment but I was asked to be a regular on the show from time to time to discuss family friendly happenings in the area!  

The show will air Sunday morning (Oct. 26) at 9:30am EST.  You can listen online by clicking HERE.  The archive will be available after the show.

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Surgery is Scheduled

Addison’s surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids is scheduled for mid November.  Unfortunately since she is getting back to back strep she has to remain on an antibiotic until the surgery.  Pre-op which consists of a blood test and paperwork will take place the Friday prior to surgery. 

Recovery time is a week.  They said that day 5-7 is the worst as the scabs start to come off the pain is excruciating and she will be miserable :(   They suggested the best thing to do is to set my alarm and every 3 hours around the clock for 7 days to administer Tylenol, keep her hydrated even though she will not want to drink anything because a dry throat will make  the pain worse as well.  Thankfully, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed as a child so I know what to expect and what the surgery and recovery will consist of.  

Until then life goes on as normal and we will prepare her the best we can for surgery.

Here’s hoping this will lead to a path of less sickness because she sure has been through the ringer with these tonsils for the last several years.  

Our Breezy Beach Life

October Updates

Hello All!
Whew…it’s been a busy month.  We are still here just wrapped up in life.  
First things first – Addison has had 3 back to back strep throats which means that surgery is a go.  I’m currently home with her today.  She just finished an antibiotic on Sunday (from her previous strep throat that she got one week after finished her last prescription) and woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat.  Her tonsils are inflamed.  We have a doctor appt this afternoon with her family doctor and consulted with her ENT this morning.  We are awaiting a callback from the ENT’s nurse to schedule her surgery.  We are nervous.  As parents I think the hardest part is the risk of surgery and anesthesia.  We are praying that all goes smoothly.  At this point it’s about giving her a good quality of life and removing her tonsils that are a grade 4+ for anyone that is familiar with the tonsil grading.  She sleeps restlessly and had some behavior issues early on this school year that we believe was due to lack of quality sleep and being sick.  Since she’s been on meds and treating the tonsillitis her behavior has dramatically improved and she’s coming home from school with good behavior reports.  

Secondly, Enzo is doing good.  Growing up so quickly.  Next month he will be 3 already and showing us some of “3’s” behavior we remember so well from Addison.  He loves being outdoors.  You cannot keep this kid in the house.  He loves sports and throwing the football in the yard with Daddy.  Whenever football comes on TV he says “Mommy look – Tackle Tackle.”
Lastly, an update on my Meniere’s.  I’m seeing improvements from the upper cervical chiropractic.  My chiro doctor is awesome.  In addition to being a chiro she is also a professor at a well known chiropractic college.  As soon as we get a symptom eliminated she is onto researching some of the lingering issues.  Just this week I met with her and she talked about TMJ.  She is spending time outside of my appointments researching symptoms to get to the bottom of my issues.  Brian is skeptical of everything but I told him that my dentist had mentioned to me that my jaw opens to one side which can cause – dizziness, vertigo, ear aches, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.  She is now focusing on that to eliminate the last irritating symptom that is not so fast to disappear.  Due to my improvements my appointments with her are now once every three weeks as opposed to twice a week.  I’m still taking the John’s of Ohio Menieres supplements and eating a low sodium diet.  I’ve also been eating lots of organic foods and some gluten free foods.  I feel more energetic and have lost some weight so that is the only plus to having this annoying disease.
I recently had a job change at work.  Still the same company I’ve been with for over 10 years but a better opportunity and more room for growth.  One of the perks is that I get to work from home one day a week!  

My other blog about local family fun is doing tremendously well.  Just this week I was asked to be on a radio show to talk about the website.  Details are in the works. 

Brian and I were able to sneak another date night in last week thanks to my parents watching the kids.  We saw Garth Brooks in concert and it was amazing.  We’ve also been visiting several pumpkin patches in the area with the kids on the weekends.  It’s still been in the 80‘s so hard to imagine this is fall :)   We’ve been taking lots of pics but I have had no time to post any pictures. 
This weekend my brother is coming to visit and I’m really looking forward to seeing him.
Off to another doctor appointment.  Hope everyone is doing well!    

Our Breezy Beach Life