A few weeks ago Brian found a gift card from Christmas 2 years ago and decided to use it for a crab trap.  This weekend he was as giddy as a child eager to set the bait and see if he would get any crabs.  Addison went with him and they placed the trap in the Intercoastal Waterway.  The next morning he woke up early to go check on it.  He said that it seemed like hours while he was pulling the rope to bring the trap in.  He immediately called me to say that there were crabs in the trap.  He was beyond excited.  He caught 9 blue crabs and 1 rock crab.  We steamed them and used them to make crab cakes.  He’s already plotting next weekend’s catch :-)

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Our Breezy Beach Life

Beach Cottage Coastal Beachy Instagram Wall Art

  G’day! I have been messing around with these little polaroid prints from beachy coastal pictures on my Instagram account… I am not a big lover of pictures in frames on the wall, or art on the walls either, I prefer bits of furniture, old doors and vintage ladders propped around, and with all that [...]
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White, food, photography, cheating and the web

Hello!  Anybody out there?  Earth to Beach Cottagers. A funny thing happened yesterday.  I got in contact with someone, on the other side of the world, via email, abled by the world wide web, about an issue I need help with – it turns out said person reads my blog and has been doing so [...]
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Making Valentine’s – 2013

Saturday we made Valentines for Addison’s classmates.  I found the FREE printable on Pinterest and decided to do a candy-free card this year.  The hardest part was using an exacto knife on all 20 cards to cut the feet for the bubbles.  Addison was interested during the first 3 cards, then after that all she wanted to do was blow bubbles.  The mini bubble tubes are from Target.  Can I just say that I LOVE Target.  I found so many items in the Valentines section that I will be using for party favor bags for Addison’s birthday party in April (I’m a planner, so yes I thinking that far ahead already). 

See that adorable boy outfit…yes, she’s obsessed with wearing Enzo’s clothes.  :-)
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Our Breezy Beach Life

Beach Cottage Weekending

Morning campers, hope you are all good and enjoyed the weekend. Ahh I have been doing all sorts over the weekend, nice walks around this place I call home, a long afternoon on the beach yesterday with lovely things to come home to in the slow cooker, gardening, playing with flowers, fruit shed loads of [...]
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