Beach Cottage Summer House Table Makeover

G’day!  How you cooking? Guess what I’ve been doing? That’d be right, doing a lil’ bit of beach cottage painting. So this is the Summer House table.  The table that doesn’t really fit.  But is going for it anyway. I must say I loved this in its original condition (you can read more about that [...]
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Mommy and Me Monday: Enzo’s First Haircut

Saturday I took Enzo for his 1st Haircut.  Since I take Addison to Ms. Jen for haircuts, (who watched her when she was in home daycare) I promised my hair stylist that I would bring Enzo to her.  His hair was getting really long so we decided it was time.  He did well and looks like such a little man now.

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blog tips – top 5 camera apps for blogging

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a Camera App Aholic. I always get asked what camera apps I use and so finally I have put together a list of my top camera apps…these are not maybe the most popular apps out there, but are the ones that have helped me a heap…I have [...]
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Happy Australia Day Weekend

Australians all let us rejoice For we are young and free ~~~~~ Celebrating Australia Day Weekend here from the proudest new Australian citizen I think this country has ever seen… Still very much think of myself as a guest in this beautiful land of the lucky… thanks for having me Australia Advance Australia Fair Sarah [...]
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