Long live magazines…

Just a quick post to tell you about a couple of new online & printed magazines.



It’s very inspirational to see such creative talent produce such delightful magazines. Both have a very friendly and independent approach where they focus and celebrate all things British.  What is so refreshing is the fact they invite like minded individuals to get involved. So if you feel like you have something creative to offer either or both these businesses why not send them a message…

In the meantime, I’m off to write my next article for www.inspiredcamping.co.uk simply one of the best online camping magazines about :)

Happy reading !

The Beach Experience

bits & bobs of school holidays beach cottage style

  Well, it’s Friday and not such a thank god it’s Friday feeling here today, because with the school holidays there have been less schedules, less running around, no lunches to pack or uniforms to iron and more laying on the beach with a coffee…just the way I like it. So a few little snaps, [...]

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More N Wind FUN at Rmp 44 and Introducing the MauiSails 2013 Legend!

Rmp 44 continues to be the hot spot for N to NNE wind with side shore conditions and nice swell/lineup! See the latest action!
photographer: Keith McCulloch
riders: Andy M, Bill B, Martin (killing it!), and Ken A

Fresh new 2013 MauiSails Legend rigged and ready for action!

 and a shot in action!

Interested in the 2012 Legend?!  I will have a 5.3m and 4.5m for sale at killer pricing!  Stay tuned for upcoming post.

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

well I never, I snooze on white crochet

Dudes, like hello I didn’t think I’d be on a white crochet blanket. Doesn’t do much for one’s street cred in the puppy world. Mrs BC has a big collection of these for me to try out tho…and I quite like the look of this beachy blue cushion Quite nice really  Barls x you can [...]

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thrifted things for coastal decor

      Morning Beach Cottage friends, near and far…well, we all know that the window of wisteria blooming in our lives is pretty short…so I thought I had better get my tardy little school holidays butt up and make good use of it…   It’s lovely lovely lovely and I am super making the [...]

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Friday when we picked up Enzo from daycare Ms. Tracie informed us that his lips had a white film on them.  Once we checked in his mouth you could see the thrush all over-cheeks, tongue, back of the throat.  The mouth sores look like curdled milk.  After we picked up Addison from school we took Enzo to the pediatric urgent care.  Once there they confirmed he had thrush caused by the antibiotic he just got off of for his ear infection.  I told the Dr that he was still pulling at his ear so the Dr checked and his ear was still infected.  The 1st round of antibiotics didn’t work and his ear infection had worsened.  

The medicine for his thrush is to be given 4 times a day and swabbed throughout his mouth.  The antibiotic for his ear infection can’t be started until today because more than likely it will cause the thrush to worsen.  Poor Enzo, I feel like he’s been sick more than he’s been healthy.

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