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  G’day Beach Cottage lovelies, waving from Sydney with a few strawberries this Monday morning….   I am trying to start my days the healthy way…buying what fruit is on offer & whizzing it up into fruit smoothies, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that anything goes in including green stuff (I am [...]

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Gizmo Update

Last Thursday Gizmo got his staples out from his neck surgery.  He is slowly improving.  He now hobbles/walks around on his 3 legs.  He will trip and fall every now and then but he’s doing better as each day passes.  The vet said he should be at his best 6 weeks from the date of the accident.  His eating has been an issue.  The vet checked his jaw and stated that it’s not broken but suspects that it’s sore/brusied from the accident. 
We filed our report with the FedEx accident reporting center along with our compensation request letter.  We have given them until August 15th to respond. 
Circa 2007.  My favorite picture of Gizmo

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The Hatteras Weekend Warriors Score!!

The secret windsurfing season, Hatteras Summer, offered up another stellar performance for the regional weekend warriors who dropped all to visit the islands for a prime forecast and a few days of FUN windsurfing!  Late last week the forecast was ripe for strong SSW wind and a little summer time surf.  Beginning Thursday and lasting though Saturday, Hatteras delivered afternoon sessions that were a ton of fun!  Following mornings of stormy, rainy weather, skies cleared by mid/late afternoon providing early evening sessions of strong SSW wind!  The schedule was like clockwork where days began with rain and crazy weather.  Then things began to calm down and the wind slowly began to fill in.  First the Light Air Wavesailing opportunities were in play as winds gradually filled in from about 5 mph and increasing….  By late afternoon/early evening, 25 mph averages were on tap bringing out the small kits!

All in all, another perfect summer time “secret” Hatteras windsurfing long weekend dedicated to the Weekend Warriors to drop all to make the trek purely on the forecast!  Kudos to Ralph M who has earned the “Warrior Elite” badge this summer!  Ralph has been here for every promising forecast, and it seems he is the wind good luck charm this year.  Every session he’s hit has been killer!  Congrats for all the Hatteras session scores this summer Ralph!

Here are a few photos from the sessions that past Warrior Weekend!
(all photos shot by NC BoardRider’s Ralph M)
Friday, Aug 10:  Rmp 30

Saturday, Aug 11: Cape Point

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