Your Missing Out on Some Real FUN!

Yesterday, leftover swell from the recent string of NE wind remained on the east facing beaches providing some really fun summer time surf!  The standard surfing crew had it in the morning when the swell was up and the tide was pushing near low with very light offshore W wind.  By late afternoon, the wind switched SSE and increased to perfect “Light Air Wavesailing” strength hovering around 10 to 15 mph!  I signed off work a little early and headed out to Enterprise St in Nags Head.  Solid waist+ set waves were breaking nicely on the outer bar and though the tide was a little high and the surf was mushy, on the SeaLion it really did not matter.  The beauty of light air waveriding, even if mushy, if it has a little size, it can still work quite nicely!

I sailed for about an hour or two catching wave after wave as the beach goers looked on and a few surfers were in the lineup just south of my break.  However, looking up and down the shoreline from Jennette’s to Nags Head Fishing Piers, there were NO OTHER light air wavesailors out!?!  Perfectly FUN, EASY, summertime relaxing action, and not a soul out there with a light air board and sail in hand.  I know this is a relatively new windsurfing discipline and I try to promote as much as possible the pure fun of this experience, but we really need more folks joining this bandwagon.  There was a “heyday” of soundside windsurfing in Nags Head when Windmill Point was the spot many years ago and the sound water was filled with windsurfers just off the marshy beach at the old Kitty Hawk Sports shack.  However, now that lot is empty, few windsurfers can be found in Nags Head, and summer time sound side water quality is less than desirable to step into.

However, ocean-side, the water is clear, clean, refreshing, and the fun summertime surf is quite rewarding to simply frolic in!  Regular summer SSE seabreezes provide excellent direction for the island orientation off Nags Head as compared to other points south which are more onshore, and the multi-million dollar beach nourishment project last year has provided wider beaches for cleaner wind and nice offshore sandbars for the surf break.  

Wow, for those here who are not yet Light Air Wavesailing, boy you are missing out!

Interested in Light Air Wavesailing in Nags Head, contact me via SeaLion Rep box in upper left corner of this blog, or join the OBX Beach Life forum to find out where/when the latest session is happening!

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Cold at night….not!

My very good friend Bethan Elfyn is teasing me today with posting gorgeous photos of her weekend away at Fforest.

I can’t tell you how DREAMY this place looks, perfect for a ‘staycation’ or maybe your first attempt at glamping. You won’t be disappointed.

I shall let you take the journey yourself, just go to their website (address above), as no one could describe the place better than the team at Fforest.

I look forward to hearing all about Bethans’ adventures and hopefully I will get the opportunity to stay there myself this Summer.

Hope you’re having a wicked weekend wherever you are x

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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2012 Poster!

The official poster for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2012!  Sponsors in and more to come!  Great job Keith M!

In other windsurfing news, the OBX has been rocking with daily SW winds topping the upper 20s!  The forecast is set to continue for most of this week.  We are patiently awaiting solid swell wrap, however, Lifeguard Beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Ramp 30 do indeed have some nice outside sand bars.  Lifeguard though seems to be the magic spot with high tide breaking there!  Enjoyed an excellent SeaLion sesh at Lifeguard solo yesterday!  Finished up at Ramp 30 last night with a nice gathering of both local and visiting crew.  Awaiting some action shots for posting!  Stay tuned!

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Red Bull Storm Chase Coming to Hatteras!?!

The Red Bull Storm Chase has narrowed its short list of international destinations for the upcoming extreme wave/wind surfing window, and Hatteras has made the cut! The listing notes the “US East Coast” yet the marker is firmly planted on Cape Hatteras, and I have been in direct contact with the Chase organizers ironing out details for their Chase to these islands! The Chase will bring PWA international extreme windsurfing superstars to Hatteras! The select group of riders participating includes the very top international PWA ranked wavesailors and with the base organization stemming from Europe, the real heart of international windsurfing, the eyes on Hatteras will be huge! The window for Hatteras will likely be late October into November and focus on our classic Nor’Easter storm sailing conditions, perhaps peppered with some tropical influence. Conditions here can be quite radical, with massive shorepound, ripping current, light apparent wind in the impact zone, and ripping outside conditions, along with massive heavy Hatteras bombers! All in all, quite a challenge even for the top international pros who will be here to experience it!

Between the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam in Sept, to the Red Bull Storm Chase in Oct/Nov, the international extreme windsurfing/wavesailing spotlight will be very focused on Hatteras this Fall. Hopefully both events are served with the epic conditions usually us local guys get to experience along with some visiting sailors!

In local windsurfing news, we are firmly planted this week in a nice Bermuda High set up.  SW winds every afternoon, and a fleeting swell which peaked last Sunday with some of the best light air wavesailing conditions yet this summer.  I scored big just north of Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head with super clean long period swell and waist to chest+ average surf size!  Very, very FUN SeaLion sesh with winds averaging 12 mph from the SSW!  Ramp 30 was also hot with the Avon crew catching bigger set wave surf and similar wind conditions!

Following Sunday’s excellent surf, we have had daily SW light air SeaLion sessions in fleeting yet fun swell!  Anyone here this week for light air wavesailing is scoring!!
PS:  If you are interested in the SeaLion, contact me!

Here are some more pics from a recent summer sesh at Rmp 30!  (all photos:  Keith McCulloch)

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Beach Cottage & the Lady in the White Gloves

  Hey Beach Cottage ladies, here we are again in NYC. So today I rode the subway again, only this time with an, ahem, rather sore head, I went out last night for posh Mexican (don’t ask) and had a few tipples…when I woke up this morning I felt like someone had dragged my head [...]

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Summer Action Firing at Rmp 30!!

We have been locked in a Bermuda High all week with strong SW winds firing during the afternoon hours.  Yesterday the wrap began to hit at Ramp 30 providing for some fun outer bar surf in strong SSW wind prompting sails under 5m size!

There was a nice contingent of both local and visiting sailors there to enjoy the action.  Most of the visitors came in to catch it specifically based on the forecast, and they scored! 

Here are a few pics along with slideshow.  All photos:  Keith McCulloch and Ken Ahrendt

Here is the slide show highlighting more action from Rmp 30 yesterday!

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