Wordish Wednesday: Moving Pics

We moved over the weekend and I’m so glad that it’s over with.  Moving is so exhausting mentally and physically.  Thankfully the renters moved out a week early so that gave us extra time to paint before moving everything in.  All the boxes are finally unpacked and the house is looking somewhat organized minus bare walls.  We still have the tedious task of sorting through all the toys.

Addison loves the house.  We moved out when she was 8 months old so she has no memory of it.  Now we are moving back in when Enzo is 7 months…kind of ironic.  Thankfully we had good tenants over the last 2.5 years and the house is in great condition.  

Our house is a 3/2 so there’s enough room for the kids to have their own rooms, but Brian felt as though they needed to share a room.  We gave them the larger of the 2 extra bedrooms and turned it into their room/playroom.  The spare bedroom will remain that for any guests/visitors(hint hint to all my friends and family…come visit us!!) 

Below are several cell phone pics of the last few days.  The white dresser was mine as a child that my parents brought down to Florida with them and re-painted it for Addison to use.

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Our Breezy Beach Life

Chicken Pox – At 48 hrs

Wednesday morning I noticed a red bump on Enzo’s finger. At the time I thought it was a bug bite. When I picked him up from daycare yesterday he had several more red bumps. One of the daycare kids has been out all week with hand, foot and mouth disease so I thought I better take him to the urgent care. The Dr said since he has no bumps on the bottom of his feet or in his mouth he thinks it’s chicken pox. He said that it is the time of year they start to see it. He said that it usually is onset with a fever and Enzo hasn’t had one but that maybe in part to just getting off meds for being sick and trying to prevent pneumonia. Poor guy has been sick off and on since 6 weeks and the Dr says it’s because he’s in daycare and also exposed to germs that Addison brings home from school as well.

The one bump on his finger looked like it was getting infected(from constantly putting his hands in his mouth) so the Dr gave an antibiotic for that and stated if he woke up this morning with bumps on his scalp, face and more on his body that it’s definitely chicken pox.

I took him back to the Dr on Thursday after work due to more bumps appearing and the ones he already had getting redder.  The Dr stated it is chicken pox and started him on Acyclovir

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Our Breezy Beach Life

Old Lighthouse Beach Fires, and AWT Santa Cruz Scores!!

Keith M sent in this pic shot at Old Lighthouse Beach yesterday, Sunday, May 6.  Clean head high+ surf, sunny skies, and strong NE wind provided the ingredients for a FUN sesh!  Too bad I missed it!  According to Keith though, everyone who was there has an awesome time!

A slideshow of the action at the Lighthouse! all photos: Keith McCulloch  In other windsurfing news, the AWT Santa Cruz Classic kicked off the Tour with and epic start!  Excellent conditions, and top caliber sailing set the stage for a world class wavesailing competition happening here in the USA!  Stay tuned for the Tour’s Sept stop in Cape Hatteras!  Check out this Tour video from Santa Cruz, simply excellent production and showcase of windsurfing’s finest!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

More Ramp 30 Action Friday!

Friday, SSW winds where kicked into high gear with 4.5m conditions all day! Surf remained relatively small given nearly a week of wrap potential; however, there were some nice bigger sets that rolled though providing some fun late hits on the soft crumblers. We had a large contingent of out of town sailors on the water along with the local crew. It was quite a fun session enjoying textbook Hatteras Bermuda High conditions. Big thunder boomers remained north striking Oregon Inlet and points north; however south of Rodanthe the skies remained clear until evening. Keith and Ken manned the camera and caught these pics!

Full action gallery slidshow

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Chicken Pox Update

Enzo seems to be doing better. He is on acyclovir 4 times a day so that really put a stop to the spreading of the chicken pox. Friday and Saturday we gave him a collodial oatmeal bath and yesterday we had him in the pool (salt water pool) and it’s really started to dry out the bumps. They are currently all scabbed over so tomorrow I will probably take him back to daycare. We have a follow-up appt on Friday with the Dr. Thankfully it seems to be a mild case of them!

Our Breezy Beach Life