Day Three, Saturday Wavesailing Action!

Day Three of the NNE spree took us to the south side as far as the south end of Ocracoke Island!  The swell was considerably smaller than Friday’s south side wrap, but there remained some fun set waves and perfect side-off wind direction on the south side of Ocracoke.  Ralph and I caught it down there while the tide was coming in with some fun wave rides and jumps/loops in solid sub-5.0m wind!  Though interestingly, the wave zone was quite disconnected on the south side compared to the north, even though winds remained side-off.  Perhaps there is a point a little further north on Ocracoke island where a “magic spot” exists where the island turn occurs to foster true side-off while maintaining the clean long lines found on the north side where the wind is more offshore.  Next time will check from the Ocracoke Airport and points north.

Upon return to Hatteras Island, I received a call from Keith nothing fun conditions at Old Lighthouse beach.  I stopped by there to find all the “off work” guys including Andy from Wind-NC and a number of the Real Kite Crew on the water.  Surf was considerably smaller than big Thursday, but there remained fun overhead set waves and solid 5.0m wind.  Sailed the second session to near sunset and caught some fun wave rides!

All in all, another excellent day of wavesailing in Hatteras!

Here are some additional pics (all photos:  Keith McCulloch)

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Just Imagine Your Favorite Outdoor Place…

Now that the spell of NE winds have subsided on the OBX, we begin to look at the upcoming SW opportunities and wavesailing potential for the east facing beaches. However, one dark stain on opportunity to enjoy the best breaks on the islands is the current state of access ramp closures along the east facing beaches. Basically every ramp is closed except for Ramp 30.

The following is a guest writeup by Keith McCulloch:

Just imagine your favorite outdoor place..maybe it is a mountain, a stream, a river, a lake, a beach, or a trail. Maybe its a place where your mom or dad introduced you to when your were a kid. A place that you have brought your own children to enjoy or plan on it. A place preserved by our great National Park System. Even as a young kid I realized the greatness and importance of setting aside special recreational places for the enjoyment of all. I was comforted knowing that this place is always going to be like this. “Isn’t it great that no one is going to build a condo complex or a go kart track here destroying the landscape and cutting off access.” Back then I was proud that there were organizations like the serria club and the audobon out there defending our lands keeping anything “bad” in check, an advocate for the enviroment. How shocking now to realize that these very groups are the ones exploiting the environment for monetary gain, not some greedy developer! Your Federal Parks are now being closed little by little. Using “Ecological misinformation” to flat out propaganda and lies. The NPS, Sierra Club, and the Audobon Society are systematically shutting down access to your public Federal Parks all over the USA. Week by week they are using your donations to fatten their bank accounts, land grab, hire lawyers, and gain political power. The closing of a Federal Park should be a crime along with the fabrication of photos and so called scientific data they use to do it! — Our Parks are getting smaller and smaller due to privatized interests and ecological lobbying scams. Its so sad that these once noble organizations have lost their way. Now they are being run by people that are praying on the care and concern of the American people, to make easy money. These folks have found out, that it is a lot easier to sit in your pajamas and type up lies on your computer and generate MILLIONS in donations than to actually go out and make a difference by solving the tough problems, “heck trying to stop someone from killing a whale is dangerous, you might get shot at!! Why bother?” Sarcasm aside…don’t think for a moment that this is limited to a few areas. They are coming for your favorite place next, they have to keep the revenue stream going.

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Cornwall is calling..

The British weather is out in true ‘wet n wild’ fashion.  Not such a bad thing especially when our gardens need a good soaking, but, not so good for us parents with children off on half term. Although, looking on the positive side this weather is just PERFECT for our wave riders!

Hence, I have decided to organise a trip down south to my favourite hang out of Cornwall… Gwithian Beach!  You may ask why?  Well, one particular reason is that its perfect my wave rider hubby, providing him monster waves on a good forecast, and boy does he need some time on the water! So he will be off for some quality sessions with his buddies.  I, on the other hand, will spend some time with my 2 year old on the beach, with camera in hand, where I hope to capture some seascapes and possibly the odd water sport action shot.

As this is primarily the chance to grab some quality time with the family I shall stay close to the catchment area of Hayle.  However, I am planning to venture across to St Ives for some window shopping and perhaps retail therapy if the toddler allows!  I certainly have a few MUST visits on my list and one special place at the top of my list is the delightful Barefoot Kitchen.  Find them at

Image from a feature in Coast magazine

Image from Barefoot Kitchen website

I wont say too much now, as I want to tell you all about my visit and the exciting plans happening at Barefoot Kitchen including their funky shop, their cozy cafe and the cool new surf school.  So roll on Sunday!


The Beach Experience

Beach Cottage New York City Central Park

Well Beach Cottage ladies, interesting, very very interesting…you see I thought that Grand Central Station was the best bit of my visit to New York City, that was until this morning and a lovely lovely time in Central Park.   And the wonders of technology mean that with a gazillion hours to kill at John [...]

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Gizmo is in the Doggie Hospital :-(

Tuesday morning Fedex delivered a package and in the process let our dog out. Of course no one notified us and they aren’t admitting to it but when I came home and the entry gate was closed and there was no other place for him to get out of the yard I can safely assume he got out during the delivery. If they saw we had an entry gate and a dog why did the driver even open the gate to delivery to the front door? Couldn’t he have left the package outside the gate? The delivery happened at 11a and I didn’t get home until 6p so by then he was already loose for 7 hours.

We looked for him that night, filed a lost pet report with the local humane society, notified neighbors and posted an ad on craigslist. Addison was so upset that she sat outside the front door crying for what seemed like forever and refusing to come in the house until Gizmo came home.

Yesterday around noon I got an email from my craigslist ad letting me know a dog had been hit on a street close to our house and was at the local animal hospital.  

Wednesday Update 1:  His right leg was crushed and will likely need to be amputated. His neck has a large laceration and his major arteries are exposed. They said he is in critical condition. I’m beyond hysterical at this point. Fedex-I’m about to be your worst enemy!!

Wednesday Update 2: I just spoke with the vet again and they are monitoring his brain functioning before doing any surgery to close the neck laceration. She said he also has a large laceration on his head as well as his neck. My parents are out of town until this evening so once they get back we are having them watch the kids so we can go to the hospital to visit. They are slowly weaning him off the opiates to see how he responds. 

Thursday Update 1: Brian and I went to visit Gizmo last night. He actually tried to get up and started wagging his tail when he saw us. The vet was very inspired by this because she said it’s the first time she saw any real movement out of him. He still isn’t standing for them and even though he has feeling in his left front leg and back legs he’s making not attempt to get up. She showed us his x-rays and said that the right leg is not crushed but he has no feeling in it so there is nerve damage and he may or may not regain feeling in it. She said to give the leg a few months and we could have accupuncture done on it before making any rash decisions to have it amputated. As far as the neck laceration it is so deep that it is literally 1mm from his jugular. It’s really a miracle that he’s alive. She said that they will run some bloodwork this morning and if the organ functioning is fine and there are no unseen issues because of his age (kidney disease,etc) that they will schedule the surgery for either today or tomorrow to sew and repair the neck laceration and insert a drain. If all goes well with the surgery he will have 2-3 days still in the hospital post-op then we will need to have 24 hr care for him the next 2 weeks(So thankfully my parents are still here for a few more weeks.) My parents are going by this morning to visit him and I’m going to stop by over my lunch break again today. I really hated leaving him last night…my heart is still breaking over all of this.

As far as Fedex is concerned, Brian worked his way up the chain of command and the driver is claiming he didn’t see a dog(of course) but their risk management department will be contacting us today or tomorrow to discuss a settlement. All I have to say is that they better be willing to pay all or some of the expenses. My husband is far better at negotiations and getting his point across than me so he’ll be dealing with Fedex from this point on. 

Thursday Update 2:  I just went to visit him again over my lunch hour. His surgery is supposed to start at 1p. Their main concern at this point is the infection caused by the laceration in the neck. The surgeon said he will spend most of the time cleaning the wound before he stitches it up. He said we may have to do another surgery if the wound doesn’t heal properly due to the amount of infection. As far as his right leg there is still no feeling in it but the Dr said we’ll give it time before making any decisions to amputate.

Thursday Update 3:  Surgery went well and he may be able to come home late tomorrow or early Saturday. The drain will have to stay in place for 10 days. They believe they got most of the infection out. So excited for good news!!

Thursday Update 4:  The Dr just called back and said that Gizmo had some difficulty breathing after surgery so they took more x-rays and found a contusion and bruising on his lungs.  They said time will hopefully heal these items.  She also said that she is not optimistic that he’ll regain use of his right front leg but there are plenty of happy 3 legged dogs so it won’t be an issue if/when we decide to amputate.

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This weekend Seasalt the clothing brand brought a smile to my face.

Not really sure why, but it could be because their website is so cheerful with lots of great coastal secrets and competitions. Obviously they have a great selection of stylish summer clothes and accessories.  For the month of May they are promoting their top 10 UK beaches.  Why don’t you go and have a cheeky look, word of warning, you may end up indulging in a bit of retail therapy.  Enjoy!

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