Beach Cottage and a touch of Romance

Hello Beach Cottage ladies, well it’s the goodbye post from Beach Cottage does New York City…I left the best til last!   I have done some great things here and it mostly went to plan…I totally did not want to spend it filling my bags with things I could, ultimately buy at home in Sydney, [...]

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My Blue Springs: A Love Story in Pictures

This was our third springs trip of the season; our first, to Blue Springs Park in Gilchrist County.  Everyone knows this is my favorite springs of all – so far.  I’ve been to many, and enjoyed most of them, but nothing compares to Blue.  It’s like my first springs-love; the one you never forget.  The one you remember for always with a special place in your heart.

There’s so much about this place that makes me happy, and I’m not the only one who loves it here.  Its natural beauty thrills me.  Its cool, clear waters invite me  every time.  Fins and mask in place, I dive deep over the vent, or swim down the spring run, through the underwater plant life where the freshwater fish live.  There’s life in that water, and some 24 million gallons of it burst forth from the aquifer every day.  Maybe more.  I know it’s a second-magnitude spring, which staggers me as I’d have thought it a first.  But whatever.  It’s a wonderful place to take the family as there’s something here for everyone.

Privately owned, well-kept in a rustic atmosphere, that’s what I love about this place. The sandy beach entrance.  The quarter mile boardwalk that follows the spring run to the Santa Fe River.  The canoes or kayaks you can rent if you want to head out and explore life along the river.  A few smaller springs on the property, my favorite being Naked Spring for its natural beauty and intimate feel.

The pictures tell the story here.

This little spring is called Naked Spring.  Backstory on Naked Spring is here. These pictures were taken from its small, floating dock. Most picturesque. Unfortunately, there was a guy standing on the dock when I approached. I lingered, hoping he’d leave, so I could enjoy just a few minutes there, alone with my camera.  No such luck.

Above, the quarter mile boardwalk that follows the spring run to the Santa Fe River.  Many times, I’ve swam in the run out to the river…and back. You need your fins for this as the current is definitely a challenge. Upside? You can stand up in the water if you’re tired!  It’s not deep.  I feel strong and invigorated when I make this swim.  Also, the water temp between the spring run and the river is markedly different.  You swim into the river and instantly it feels ten degrees warmer.  You hang out in the river for a while, swimming about and treading water (fins make it all so easy).  Then, you know you have to swim back.  It’s like someone’s turned the hot water off in your shower, the minute your body leaves the river and enters the spring run again.  Yowsa.  Keep moving, you’ll get used to it!

See how the current flows in the spring run?

Big Blue Springs: quiet.

Atlantic Beachlife

Beach Cottage home, flowers and Anthropologie

  Yo, what’s cooking Beach Cottage ladies, all good here, I am SO pleased to be home, I love coming home to Australia..   When we lived in England we did not have that feeling at all, in fact our last holiday from England, which was from the States at Christmas time, we were on [...]

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Macro Monday Water Droplets on Stems

I lay on the grass in my bathing suit and took these pictures. I suppose I’m captivated by all things tiny.

I like how I can see so many reflections in a minute water droplet.

But first, meet my Blood Lily. A bulb plant, buried several years ago, comes back annually, and each time, brings more blooms. I guess it spreads? The blooms are now in varying states of their life cycle.

the Blood Lily in bloom. it’s not a great picture but i wanted you to see what a Blood Lily looks like before I go into the world of macro.

the Blood Lily, unfurling.  i hope.

in all her glory: the Blood Lily’s profile.

droplet in Blood Lily. reflected in that droplet is the variegated Ginger plant behind me.  see?

moving on to Agapanthus leaves.

the stems of the Agapanthus had shimmering droplets i could not resist.

each stem has its own charm.

oh no, i’m not finished!

it’s a slender one.


Atlantic Beachlife


At home in the water, this is good water.*  There’s joy in good water, in full immersion, diving down and surfacing.  With no time pressure and sunshine it’s  tactile and sensual and cleansing all at once.  With no time pressure you can emerge and air dry and get hot again. In you go, back to the water which beckons.

It sounds so cliche, but this is how I experience the joy of good water, on a leisurely summer day. It’s a simple and exhilarating pleasure.

Lately, I’m adrift. I have lost my voice here. I haven’t been happy to write; I haven’t quit but I’m on pause.  I suppose the voice will come back but it feels like that voice is changing.  Writing through it will make it happen.

*Bouvier Bay off Anchor Bay off Lake St. Clair, in Michigan.

Summer 2011

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Volleyball girls stop traffic!

I’ve always fancied playing volleyball, although I always used the excuse that being 5’4 isn’t an ideal height to wack that ball over the fence! But what a fabulous beach activity, get toned and tanned plus have sand between your toes every day you train at the beach.

Well today the women’s beach volleyball team were hoping to help with a London traffic congestion campaign….

The British girls helped launch Transport for London’s Temporary Road Changes planning tool, allowing motorists to check road closures during the Olympic Games.

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Killer Gear for Sale including Standard Sealion!

Interested in the AHD SeaLion?!  I have a used one for sale!  The model for sale is the 2011 Standard Sealion (yellow) and is available for pickup in Nags Head.
Price:  $ 850.00

 I also have a 2011 MauiSails Legend 4.5m, excellent condition.
Price:  $ 250.00

Additionally, 1999 Drops 8’8″ GOT wave stick, excellent condition.  Includes foil board bag.
Price:  $ 100.00

Finally, 2000 Simmer Wave Comp 5.6m
Price: $ 75

Special Deal:  Pick up the SeaLion and Legend (total:  $ 1100.00), and take home the Drops GOT FREE!

contact me if interested in any of the above sale items!

Bill’s OBX Beach Life

Watch Me Grow: 8 Months


Weight: 20lbs
Clothing: 18 Months
Diapers: Size 3
Feeding: Cereal in the morning with fruit baby food.  Vegetable baby food for lunch.  Fruit baby food at 3p. Vegetable & Cereal for dinner. 20 oz formula per day.  He drinks from a sippy cup with water at each mealtime.
Night time Sleep: Half of the time he sleeps through the night the other half he wakes up once a night.
Updates: He is :this close: to crawling.  He scoots and rolls all over to get where he wants to go.  He no longer uses the baby tub and takes a bath in the big tub with Addison.  He has started eating grapes, apples and bananas via the net feeder.  He cut his top two front teeth last week so he’s now up to 4 teeth.  He laughs anytime someone sneezes and thinks his sister is hilarious.    

Our Breezy Beach Life